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8-Minute Plank Challenge


Get your arms, core, and legs trembling!

Planks should be a standard for every core-strengthening plan, and not just high and low planks. Planks come in a variety of holds and movements that promote a strong, well-defined core. Our 8-Minute Plank Challenge is designed to keep your arms, core, and legs trembling. Just trying to hold the position as long as you can without needing a break will be enough to start!

The 8-minute plank challenge is an exercise that requires you to hold a plank position for 8 minutes. The plank is one of the best exercises for strengthening your core muscles and improving your posture. This challenge will help you build strength and endurance and will also help you improve your overall fitness level.

The plank has numerous advantages, one of which is flat, firm abs. The core strength developed during a plank is one of the finest strategies to prevent or alleviate back discomfort. A nice, powerful center will improve your posture. Planking will also help you stand taller and seem leaner.

This plank challenge isn’t meant to be accomplished on the first go—unless you’re a master planker! The point of this challenge is to build up strength week by week until you can achieve the full 8-minute challenge without needing a break. Maybe you’ll do four minutes straight for the first week and five minutes the next. As long as you keep progressing, you’re succeeding! Grab a mat, focus on your breathing, pull your abs towards your spine, and get ready to strengthen your core, arms, and forearms.

What to Do: Hold each plank for 45 seconds. Complete two rounds, resting one minute in between the rounds. Take breaks as needed by kneeling or using your knees as a fulcrum to perform modified planks. Perform this workout challenge at least three times a week.

What You’ll Need: A yoga mat and an interval timer (available on most phones).

High Plank
Low Plank
Side Plank With Reach (left side)
Side Plank With Reach (right side)
Low Plank
Plank Alternating Knee To Elbow
Plank Hip Dips
Spiderman Planks

Keep your arms well rested and relaxed to keep pushing through this challenge by using our Morning Stretch to Help You Get Up and Go.

High Plank

Low Plank

Side Plank With Twist

Plank Alternating Knee To Elbow

Plank Hip Dips

Spiderman Planks

Once you master this 8-minute plank challenge, push your core to the next level with our 20-Minute Core Strength Workout.

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