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The Weekly Roundup: Your Go-To Guide For Everything You May Have Missed This Week & More! 3/8-3/14


Welcome to Ben Greenfield’s Weekly Roundup!

In this weekly post, I share with you my most interesting discoveries of the week, including the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking, and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with opportunities to learn, giveaways, discounts, and more!

New Discoveries

Exciting News — My Latest Culinary Creation, Boundless Kitchen, Is Finally Here!

Dive into a unique blend of biohacking and molecular gastronomy with 48 innovative recipes designed for health, longevity, and pure deliciousness. I’m taking you on a wild ride through my kitchen lab, where we’ll explore everything from unconventional tools to fringe superfoods like organ meats and colostrum.

Get ready to expand your cooking skills with dishes ranging from Carrot Cake Blender Waffles to Sous Vide Blueberry Brisket. You’ll not only master techniques like sous vide and air frying but also discover the science of clean eating and the restorative power of food. Get ready to unleash a world of flavor and innovation in your cooking!

Want a copy for your kitchen, or would you like to gift Boundless Kitchen to your friends and family? Order it here.

Hacking Happiness: A Groundbreaking New Series I Hosted That Cracks the Code on Living a Fulfilling Life

What if the secret to happiness wasn’t about the chase but about something you could actively create and cultivate within yourself and your surroundings?

Are you ready to shift from the endless pursuit of fleeting pleasure to actively crafting the life of fulfillment and joy you’ve always desired?

Unravel the secret to cultivating joy with Hacking Happiness, a groundbreaking new series I’m hosting that could change your perspective on mental well-being forever.

Featuring an esteemed lineup of over 40 experts in personal development, biohacking, health, and wellness, this series is poised to be a transformative experience. Here’s a glimpse of the luminaries I had the privilege of interviewing:

Sonia Ricotti: A leading expert on resilience, Sonia’s strategies have helped millions of people overcome life’s challenges and create a life they love. 
Gerry Powell: Founder of Rhytmia Center in Costa Rica, Gerry digs deep past the shiny facade of conventional success, sharing the nuggets of wisdom that carried him from the lowest lows to the highest highs throughout his spiritual quest.
Mary Morrissey: A sought-after expert on the “Invisible Side of Success,” Mary shares her powerful transformational system for living a life better than you could have possibly imagined.
Dr. Patrick Porter: A pioneer in brainwave entrainment, Dr. Patrick reveals unique methods to enhance well-being and happiness by tapping into your cognitive powers. 
Natalie Ledwell: The co-founder of MindMovies and an expert on overcoming limiting beliefs, Natalie dives into the frequency of your emotions, strategies for articulating what you want in your life, and stepping into the best version of yourself.
Kirk Parsley: This former Navy SEAL turned sleep expert reveals the critical relationship between sleep, stress management, and well-being while sharing powerful strategies for improving sleep.

Hacking Happiness exposes the number one misconception sabotaging your happiness, introduces cutting-edge biohacking techniques, blends ancient wisdom with modern science, and teaches you how to create a ripple effect of positivity in your community.

You’ll leave this series possessing the power to not only seek out happiness for yourself but to generate it in others and share it with those around you.

Get ready to be a part of a revolutionary movement to redefine fulfillment and discover how to live with purpose, passion, and unwavering happiness every day. See who I put in the hot seat, the questions I ask each guest, and the conversations that unfold as I host the world’s top experts on happiness!

Are you in?

Learn more about the series and gain access to it here.

Get 40% Off a Delicious Liquid Hair Loss Solution

Experiencing hair loss can be a tumultuous journey, impacting everything from your confidence and self-esteem to your overall sense of well-being.

Truthfully, the most impactful solutions for hair loss are ones that nourish your body with essential nutrients, support healthy hormone levels, and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

One particularly noteworthy approach that follows these protocols and has taken TikTok by storm for its remarkable effects is Mary Ruth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin + Hair Growth — a delicious, all-natural formula that unlocks natural hair growth and radiant skin at the cellular level. Consider it your daily dose of confidence in a bottle, now supercharged with the revolutionary ingredient Lustriva®.

Lustriva, clinically proven to promote hair growth and enhance skin health in as little as three weeks, combines bonded arginine silicate with magnesium biotinate, ingredients known to improve blood circulation to the hair follicles, ensure adequate nutrient supply, and promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Did I mention the delicious peach mango flavor? Trust me — it’s a treat you’ll look forward to every morning. Simply take two tablespoons per day, whether on its own, mixed into water, or even added to your favorite mocktail.

Ready for your hair and skin to reflect your inner health and vitality?

Give Liquid Morning Multivitamin + Hair Growth a try and claim an exclusive 20% extra off (40% off in total) with code MROBENG20 when you purchase on Amazon here from March 12th to 16th.

 Transform Your Life and Reach Boundless Success

Are you craving a truly personalized approach to fitness and unwavering accountability to reach your goals?

If so, your search ends today.

Imagine having a team of dedicated expert coaches right by your side, crafting a training plan tailored exclusively for you. We’ll dive deep into your unique goals, aspirations, and challenges to create a roadmap that leads you to success.

My Elite Coaching Program focuses on workouts, biohacking secrets, and nutrition. But it’s not just about workouts and exercises — this comprehensive, holistic journey covers every facet of your well-being, from personalized nutritional advice to cutting-edge biohacking techniques, positioning you at the pinnacle of peak performance. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to help you surpass your own limits.

My new 16-week program will guide you from information overload to transformation enjoyment.

If you’re ready to banish brain fog and push your energy through the roof, use code ELITE2024 to save 40% off your first month of the Ben Greenfield Elite Coaching program. This exclusive rate is valid through June 30, 2024, so make sure to secure your spot before it’s too late!

Podcasts I Recorded This Week: 

Staying Strong Forever, Research-Backed Protein Intake Recommendations, The Best Supplements For Muscle Gain & More With Dr. Gabrielle Lyon.

This episode was brought to you by LMNT, Hiya, Alitura (code BG20), ZBiotics (code BEN), and Quantum Upgrade (code BEN15).

Best Of Hacking Happiness and Mental Health: How To Reduce Anxiety And Depression, Elevate Your Sense Of Calm And Focus, Become The Master Of Your Thoughts & Much More.

This episode was brought to you by Limitless Life Nootropics (code BEN), Organifi, BON CHARGE (code GREENFIELD), Manukora (code BEN), and C60 (code GREENFIELD15).

Podcasts I Was Featured On Recently:

Ben Greenfield & Davinia Taylor: The Human Guinea Pigs

How to Use Peptides to Boost Immunity, Heal, Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Increase IQ & Slow Aging

How to Perform at Your Peak During a Chess Game | Ben Greenfield on ChessMood Podcast

Ep. 30 | The Formula for Living Longer with Ben Greenfield

Articles Recently Released About Me:

Biohacking is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? In my recent conversation on the podcast Brave New World with Lord Evgeniy Lebedev, we delve into this topic, exploring how simple lifestyle changes in exercise, diet, and exposure to light can contribute to overall wellness. As we spend a day together, I share insights on biohacking and how you might already be practicing it without even realizing it.

Catch that podcast here or check out this related article, published by The Standard. The article includes a video interview featuring my time with Lord Lebedev and an interview with journalist Will Hosie where I dive deeper into why biohacking and being a human performance enthusiast reflects my desire to fulfill God’s purpose for me.

Ben Greenfield’s VIP Text Club: To receive exclusive texts from Ben Greenfield, text the word “FITNESS” to 411247 (within the U.S. only).

My Article Feed:

My full article feed and all archives of my articles are here.

Product Of The Week

::: Get 15% Off “Nature’s Multivitamin,” Paleovalley‘s Organ Complex Capsules :::

Picture this: a surge of energy coursing through your veins, newfound clarity of mind, and vitality radiating from within. What if I told you that all of this could be within your grasp with just a handful of capsules?

Organ meats, often hailed as nature’s multivitamin due to their extremely rich supply of essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron, and B12, are the unsung heroes of your ancestors’ diets, brimming with a treasure trove of nutrients that many people lack today.

Liver, heart, and kidney meat, revered for centuries, boasts an unparalleled nutrient density that surpasses that of conventional foods. From revitalizing B vitamins to immune-boosting selenium and heart-nourishing CoQ10, these organs hold the key to unlocking loads of energy, peak performance, and your full potential.

Here’s what I especially love about Paleovalley’s organ meat capsules: they make the daunting task of incorporating organ meats into your weekly diet much easier to manage.

I get it — despite organ meats being nutrient powerhouses, the thought of sourcing, preparing, and consuming them on a weekly basis can send shivers down your spine. But with Paleovalley’s Grass-Fed Organ Complex, you’ve got a gateway to vitality without compromising on taste or convenience.

Crafted from the finest grass-fed, pasture-raised cows, each serving encapsulates the essence of ancestral nutrition, meticulously preserved through gentle freeze-drying.

Experience the transformative power of nature’s bounty without the hassle. No more chopping, cooking, or enduring unpleasant tastes. Just pure, unadulterated nourishment in a convenient capsule form.

Elevate your wellness journey with Paleovalley’s Grass-Fed Organ Complex now and claim 15% off your purchase here (the discount will be auto-applied at checkout). Join the legions of health-minded individuals who have unlocked the secrets of organ meats and felt the tangible benefits firsthand.

Upcoming Events:

Boundless Family Retreat with Ben Greenfield — Crans-Montana, Switzerland: April 17–21, 2024

Immerse yourself and your loved ones in the unparalleled beauty and serenity of the Swiss mountains at an exclusive retreat hosted by me and my family. This transformative experience is designed to deepen family bonds, enhance health, and elevate wellness practices amidst breathtaking natural surroundings. You’ll get to dive into a meticulously curated program featuring scenic hikes through pristine landscapes, hands-on foraging adventures yielding nature’s freshest ingredients, and cooking classes that turn wholesome produce into nourishing meals — all at one of the top resorts on the planet: Six Senses in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Secure your spot to embark on an adventure where wellness and family joy converge here.

Health Optimization Summit — London: June 15–16, 2024

The Health Optimization Summit is the ultimate gathering for anyone passionate about biohacking, wellness, and living their best life. Dubbed a must-do event, it promises a transformative weekend filled with the opportunity to meet and learn from over 35 world-class speakers (including yours truly) in nutrition, longevity, mental health, relationships, and more. Learn best-kept secrets, try out the latest high-tech health gadgets, and discover the cleanest supplements and foods on the market. Don’t miss this life-changing weekend — grab your tickets before they’re gone here.

The Longevity Circle Retreat in Croatia — Superyacht Wellness Adventure: Sept 4–10, 2024

Step aboard the ultimate luxury wellness journey: the longevity-focused Superyacht Wellness Adventure, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Croatia from September 4–10, 2024. This exclusive, invite-only event offers an unparalleled experience that blends opulence with the pursuit of wellness, disease prevention, and a long, happy life. With only 10 cabins available, this intimate retreat promises personalized attention and an atmosphere of elite exclusivity. Each day, I will lead 5–6 invigorating workouts, share insights through 1–2 enlightening talks, and engage in organic discussions and Q&A sessions, ensuring a transformative experience. Secure your spot here on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure and be part of a select group dedicated to elevating their health.

Keep up on Ben’s LIVE appearances by following!

Kion Product Of The Week: Kion Amino Acids

If you aren’t using Kion Aminos yet, it’s time to start.

Check this out: You’ve probably heard that your body is made up of mostly water. What you probably haven’t heard is that everything is 50% amino acids.

These building blocks of life are essential for health and fitness. No matter how you like to move — whatever you do to stay fit — amino acids are essential.

This is why Kion Aminos is my fundamental supplement for fitness.

I drink them every day for energy, muscle, and recovery.

Kion Aminos is backed by over 20 years of clinical research, has the highest quality ingredients, no fillers or junk, undergoes rigorous quality testing, and tastes amazing with natural flavors.

So, if you want to naturally boost energy, build lean muscle, and enhance athletic recovery… you need to get Kion Aminos.

Click here to get your hands on the new, ultra-refreshing Watermelon and Mango Kion Aminos.

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