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The Weekly Roundup: Your Go-To Guide For Everything You May Have Missed This Week & More! 2/23-2/29


Welcome to Ben Greenfield’s Weekly Roundup!

In this weekly post, I share with you my most interesting discoveries of the week, including the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking, and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with opportunities to learn, giveaways, discounts, and more!

New Discoveries

Exciting News — My Latest Culinary Creation, Boundless Kitchen, Is Finally Here!

Dive into a unique blend of biohacking and molecular gastronomy with 48 innovative recipes designed for health, longevity, and pure deliciousness. I’m taking you on a wild ride through my kitchen lab, where we’ll explore everything from unconventional tools to fringe superfoods like organ meats and colostrum.

Get ready to expand your cooking skills with dishes ranging from Carrot Cake Blender Waffles to Sous Vide Blueberry Brisket. You’ll not only master techniques like sous vide and air frying but also discover the science of clean eating and the restorative power of food. Get ready to unleash a world of flavor and innovation in your cooking!

Want a copy for your kitchen, or would you like to gift Boundless Kitchen to your friends and family? Order it here.

How Do I Eat Clean While Traveling? Here’s My Grocery List

One of the questions I get bombarded with the most is how I manage to navigate the treacherous waters of maintaining a clean, nutrient-dense diet while away from the comfort of my own kitchen.

You can probably relate if you’ve ever landed in your vacation spot, dropped your bags off, and faced the challenge of stocking your temporary abode with clean, wholesome eats. You’re limited to the offerings of a local grocery store or a farmer’s market (if you’re lucky), and you’re determined to keep your eating habits as pristine as the serene view from your rental, which can be a real challenge.

Here’s my go-to, no-frills list that I swear by whenever I’m in this exact scenario. It’s a compilation of the essentials that ensure I can whip up nutritious, satisfying meals on the fly, no matter where in the world I might be.

Organic variety of fresh meat or fresh fish
Pastured eggs
Canned sardines or anchovies
Organic berries
Organic salad greens
Organic cucumbers and tomatoes
Organic mushrooms
Organic avocados
Coconut yogurt
Sourdough bread
Gluten-free wraps
Nori seaweed wraps
Organic almond butter
Organic peanut butter
Macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts
Very dark chocolate
Unsweetened coconut flakes
Grass-fed butter
Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinaigrette
Apple cider vinegar
Sea salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper
Organic dill seasoning
Stevia (use code GREENFIELD to save 10%)
Organic hot sauce (use code BEN20 to save 20%)
Good, clean mustard and ketchup (use code BEN to save 10%)
If available, some kind of natural protein powder or meal replacement powder like Thorne’s MediClear-SGS for smoothies

Feel free to tweak this list based on your dietary preferences, local availability, or simply your curiosity to try new things. And, of course, I’d love to hear what you’d add or ask about this lineup, so drop your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

Want to learn more about my tips for eating well while on the go? Check out these resources:

 Transform Your Life and Reach Boundless Success in 2024

Are you craving a truly personalized approach to fitness and unwavering accountability to reach your goals?

If so, your search ends today.

Imagine having a team of dedicated expert coaches right by your side, crafting a training plan tailored exclusively for you. We’ll dive deep into your unique goals, aspirations, and challenges to create a roadmap that leads you to success.

My Elite Coaching Program focuses on workouts, biohacking secrets, and nutrition. But it’s not just about workouts and exercises — this comprehensive, holistic journey covers every facet of your well-being, from personalized nutritional advice to cutting-edge biohacking techniques, positioning you at the pinnacle of peak performance. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to help you surpass your own limits.

My new 16-week program will guide you from information overload to transformation enjoyment.

If you’re ready to banish brain fog and push your energy through the roof, use code ELITE2024 to save 40% off your first month of the Ben Greenfield Elite Coaching program. This exclusive rate is valid through June 30, 2024, so make sure to secure your spot before it’s too late!

Negotiation, Communication & Body Language Tactics To Upgrade Your Life & Relationships, With Former FBI Negotiator Chris Voss.

This episode was brought to you by Ned (code GREENFIELD), Jigsaw Health (code GREENFIELD10), Alitura, Thrive Market, and Ipothecary (code BEN20).

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Articles Recently Released About Me:

Biohacking is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? In my recent conversation on the podcast Brave New World with Lord Evgeniy Lebedev, we delve into this topic, exploring how simple lifestyle changes in exercise, diet, and exposure to light can contribute to overall wellness. As we spend a day together, I share insights on biohacking and how you might already be practicing it without even realizing it.

Catch that podcast here or check out this related article, published by The Standard. The article includes a video interview featuring my time with Lord Lebedev and an interview with journalist Will Hosie where I dive deeper into why biohacking and being a human performance enthusiast reflects my desire to fulfill God’s purpose for me.

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Product Of The Week

::: Effective Method for Boosting Testosterone Without Debilitating Side Effects :::

Thinking of going on Clomid because you want to boost your T levels?

You might want to think again — Clomid contains two compounds: enclomiphene and zuclomiphene. Zuclomiphene works as an estrogen agonist, which means it functions like estrogen in the body. Too much estrogen can cause side effects like mood swings, depression, irritability, anxiety, low libido, and even enlarged breasts.

When taken without zuclomiphene, enclomiphene works as an estrogen antagonist, meaning it blocks estrogen receptors. This leads to a 1.5 to 2.5 times greater surge in testosterone levels (without many of the emotional and physical side effects associated with zuclomiphene). Additionally, enclomiphene is more effective at boosting luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which drive testosterone and sperm production.

If you’re interested in experiencing the positive results of using enclomiphene as a T-booster, I recommend checking out Maximus Testosterone Protocol.

Their cutting-edge formula is based on a tailored, holistic approach to your hormonal health, combining pharmaceutical-grade enclomiphene with pregnenolone for a powerhouse effect on your hormone production.

With Maximus, you’re getting more than just a prescription. You’re signing up for a partnership in health, complete with virtual, text-based doctor visits, at-home lab tests, and a personalized protocol that evolves with you, ensuring you’re always on the path to peak hormonal balance.

Ready to take control of your testosterone levels without the drama?

Click here to try the Maximus Testosterone Protocol for yourself.

Upcoming Events:

Uncovering the Secrets of Longevity: Live Beyond the Norms: February 26–March 3, 2024 (Pre-Recorded)

Join me in this pre-recorded event to learn from the experts in longevity, including those who understand the aging process and the mechanisms that can slow or halt it. Discover what you can do now to look and feel younger and extend your life span while maintaining your quality of life. After all, why live longer if you can’t hold onto your health, purpose, mental acuity, fulfillment, and relationships? Learn how to age better than you ever thought possible; sign up for the pre-recorded event and use the code UNCOVER20 to save 20% here.

Boundless Family Retreat with Ben Greenfield — Crans-Montana, Switzerland: April 17–21, 2024

Immerse yourself and your loved ones in the unparalleled beauty and serenity of the Swiss mountains at an exclusive retreat hosted by me and my family. This transformative experience is designed to deepen family bonds, enhance health, and elevate wellness practices amidst breathtaking natural surroundings. You’ll get to dive into a meticulously curated program featuring scenic hikes through pristine landscapes, hands-on foraging adventures yielding nature’s freshest ingredients, and cooking classes that turn wholesome produce into nourishing meals — all at one of the top resorts on the planet: Six Senses in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Secure your spot to embark on an adventure where wellness and family joy converge here.

Health Optimization Summit — London: June 15–16, 2024

The Health Optimization Summit is the ultimate gathering for anyone passionate about biohacking, wellness, and living their best life. Dubbed a must-do event, it promises a transformative weekend filled with the opportunity to meet and learn from over 35 world-class speakers (including yours truly) in nutrition, longevity, mental health, relationships, and more. Learn best-kept secrets, try out the latest high-tech health gadgets, and discover the cleanest supplements and foods on the market. Don’t miss this life-changing weekend — grab your tickets before they’re gone here.

Keep up on Ben’s LIVE appearances by following!

Kion Product Of The Week: Kion Amino Acids

If you aren’t using Kion Aminos yet, it’s time to start.

Check this out: You’ve probably heard that your body is made up of mostly water. What you probably haven’t heard is that everything is 50% amino acids.

These building blocks of life are essential for health and fitness. No matter how you like to move — whatever you do to stay fit — amino acids are essential.

This is why Kion Aminos is my fundamental supplement for fitness.

I drink them every day for energy, muscle, and recovery.

Kion Aminos is backed by over 20 years of clinical research, has the highest quality ingredients, no fillers or junk, undergoes rigorous quality testing, and tastes amazing with natural flavors.

So, if you want to naturally boost energy, build lean muscle, and enhance athletic recovery… you need to get Kion Aminos.

Click here to get your hands on the new, ultra-refreshing Watermelon and Mango Kion Aminos.

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