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The Weekly Roundup: Your Go-To Guide For Everything You May Have Missed This Week & More! 1/26–2/1


Welcome to Ben Greenfield’s Weekly Roundup!

In this weekly post, I share with you my most interesting discoveries of the week, including the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking, and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with opportunities to learn, giveaways, discounts, and more!

New Discoveries

Exciting News — My Latest Culinary Creation, Boundless Kitchen, Is Finally Here!

Dive into a unique blend of biohacking and molecular gastronomy with 48 innovative recipes designed for health, longevity, and pure deliciousness. I’m taking you on a wild ride through my kitchen lab, where we’ll explore everything from unconventional tools to fringe superfoods like organ meats and colostrum.

Get ready to expand your cooking skills with dishes ranging from Carrot Cake Blender Waffles to Sous Vide Blueberry Brisket. You’ll not only master techniques like sous vide and air frying but also discover the science of clean eating and the restorative power of food. Get ready to unleash a world of flavor and innovation in your cooking!

Want a copy for your kitchen, or would you like to gift Boundless Kitchen to your friends and family? Order it here.

Take a “Stand” for Your Health: Combatting the Risks of the Sitting Epidemic

Modern life’s “sitting epidemic,” fueled by technological advances, long commutes, and desk jobs, is undermining your efforts to stay active. Despite the golden rule of 30 minutes of daily exercise, the harsh reality is that the remaining 15.5 waking hours are shockingly deficient in physical activity.

Emerging research shows that the dangers associated with a sedentary lifestyle aren’t just about not exercising enough — they’re due to a general lack of movement throughout the entire day.

Prolonged sitting, like the kind you do at work or while binge-watching your favorite shows, is independently harmful, regardless of how much you exercise.

You heard that right: you might be a regular gym-goer, but plopping your butt down for the remainder of the day is proving to be a distinct health hazard with its own set of negative effects on cardiovascular and metabolic health.

According to researchers at the Cardiovascular Research Center at the University of Missouri, even if you’re lifting weights or doing cardio regularly, spending the rest of your day sitting may be undermining all your hard work.

Here’s a startling fact: more than half of the average American’s waking hours are spent sitting. And if you’re a man with a sedentary job, you have double the risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those with active jobs. 

Sedentary behavior is linked to increased risks of diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome, as well as larger waistlines, higher blood pressure, and poorer blood sugar control, even among those who exercise regularly. Additionally, the unique biology of inactivity triggers distinct and unfavorable biological processes inside your body, impacting both lifespan and quality of life.

So, what’s the takeaway?

To remain “physically active,” the goal isn’t just to squeeze in that 30-minute walk or circuit — you need to rethink your entire day.

Breaking up sitting time with light-intensity activities could be key. Simple actions like standing up, taking a short walk, or just moving around and fidgeting more can make a significant difference in your metabolism. This research isn’t just informative; it’s a wake-up call to actively seek ways to weave various forms of movement into your daily routine.

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“Why You Should Try Sleeping On The Floor, The ‘Furniture-Free’ Home, Building A Better Butt, Smartphone Solutions & More With Katy Bowman.”

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Is Oxidative Stress From Vegetables Dangerous? Remember This: The Dose Is the Poison

I’ve heard the chatter — some folks are convinced that plants, with their so-called “defense mechanisms,” are slowly wreaking havoc on people’s bodies through oxidative stress.

Is it true? Let’s put this idea into perspective…

Think about it: what happens when you exercise? You’re triggering oxidative stress. And those invigorating sauna sessions? Yep, more oxidative stress. Even basking in the sun or undergoing red light therapy introduces — you guessed it — oxidative stress.

Even the modest amounts of alcohol that some studies suggest might extend your lifespan likely do so through, believe it or not, oxidative stress. It all boils down to the age-old adage: the dose makes the poison.

As with anything, there’s a line. You wouldn’t want to run back-to-back marathons, dehydrate yourself in a sauna for hours, spend an entire day under the blazing sun without protection, or knock back a bottle of vodka in one go. Similarly, gorging on a loaf of bread soaked in lentils and topped with a mountain of kale isn’t exactly a recipe for health.

The point is that oxidative stress isn’t inherently evil — it’s all about the amount and context.

Whether it’s bitters, herbs, spices, alcohol, or plants such as vegetables, when used judiciously, they’re not your enemies. Just like exercise, heat, and light, consuming certain plants can kickstart your body into generating endogenous antioxidants (antioxidants that are naturally produced within the body), increasing cellular resilience.

Now that you know why oxidative stress from plants isn’t something to fear, let me share something I love…

Rather than gorging on a giant salad full of raw vegetables, I prefer to eat veggies in smaller amounts, such as a palmful of sprouts, which are among the most nutritious foods available. Sprouts, baby vegetables that grow indoors quickly, are amazingly up to 300% more nutritious than their grown-up vegetable counterparts. Think of them as small superfood versions of already healthy “adult” vegetables like broccoli, leafy greens, peas, lentils, and more. The best part is that sprouts can be grown in your own house in as little as five days. 

Give sprouting a try with help from The Sprouting Company. You don’t need a garden to grow them — you can grow dozens of varieties and flavors right inside your kitchen, such as with “The Sprouter,” the ultimate high-capacity, all-in-one sprouting jar.

Ready to get started sprouting? Use code BEN to save 10% here.

Transform Your Life and Reach Boundless Success in 2024

Are you craving a truly personalized approach to fitness and unwavering accountability to reach your goals?

If so, your search ends today.

Imagine having a team of dedicated expert coaches right by your side, crafting a training plan tailored exclusively for you. We’ll dive deep into your unique goals, aspirations, and challenges to create a roadmap that leads you to success.

My Elite Coaching Program focuses on workouts, biohacking secrets, and nutrition. But it’s not just about workouts and exercises — this comprehensive, holistic journey covers every facet of your well-being, from personalized nutritional advice to cutting-edge biohacking techniques, positioning you at the pinnacle of peak performance. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to help you surpass your own limits.

My new 16-week program will guide you from information overload to transformation enjoyment.

If you’re ready to banish brain fog and push your energy through the roof this year, use code NYELITE2024 to save 40% off your first month of the Ben Greenfield Elite Coaching program. This exclusive rate is only valid through February 28th, so make sure to secure your spot before it’s too late!

My Team Is Searching for Part-Time Contractors!

Do you love discovering how to awaken, unlock, and unleash the full potential of the human body, mind, and spirit, and want to share your passion with others? You’re in luck!

If your skills include the ability to help with key logistical tasks such as data tracking and analytics, member engagement, curriculum development, coach and client support, and reporting on various affiliate marketing campaigns and partnerships, I encourage you to express your interest here.

The team looks forward to hearing from you!

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Product Of The Week

::: Experience Better Sleep and Less Stress with 15% Off Ned’s Mellö Magnesium :::

Did you know there’s a very high chance you’re not getting enough of a certain vital mineral that you need daily?

I’m talking about a staggering 75% chance of magnesium deficiency. And let me tell you, that’s no small issue. Magnesium plays a key role in everything from calming anxiety and depression to battling insomnia, muscle tension, and the many effects of stress.

Here’s the deal: every single cell in your body needs magnesium to function optimally. But, thanks to modern farming practices, even the healthiest foods on your plate are falling short when it comes to providing you with enough of this essential nutrient. It’s a silent epidemic that could be affecting your well-being in more ways than one.

Now, you might have tried magnesium supplements before and thought, “Meh, no big difference.” But hold up — not all magnesium supplements are created equal.

That’s where Ned’s Mellö Magnesium Superblend comes into play. After three years of meticulous development, they’ve crafted one of the top magnesium supplements out there. I’m talking about a blend that offers over 300 health benefits, designed to help you sleep better, stress less, and boost your overall health and wellness.

What sets Mellö apart?

Here’s an important added bonus: Mellö is designed to be gentle on your stomach, meaning no more worrying about unpleasant side effects (such as running to the bathroom). Just mix a sachet into your favorite cold beverage whenever you need to “Mellö out” and watch the magic happen.

With over 1,200 glowing 5-star reviews, it’s clear that Mellö is making waves. So, if you’re ready to enhance your digestion, memory, mood, energy, sleep, and muscle health, give Mellö a try.

Because I want you to experience this for yourself, I’ve got a special offer for you. Use code GREENFIELD to save 15% off Ned’s Mellö Magnesium Superblend here.

Upcoming Events:

Brain Rejuvenation Retreat: February 15–16, 2024

Join me from February 15th to the 16th at the Brain Rejuvenation Retreat, where world-leading peptide expert Regan Archibald and I will merge our knowledge in longevity, peptides, and fitness. This unique collaboration aims to offer you a transformative health experience, propelling you forward on your path to optimal health and vitality. Discover more about the Brain Rejuvenation Retreat and how these insights can shape your journey to complete well-being here.

Unlock Longevity: February 24, 2024

On February 24th, I’ll be live in Austin, Texas, for Unlock Longevity, a unique gathering with leading regenerative medicine experts from North America. This exclusive event is your chance to gain insider knowledge in the realm of anti-aging and vitality. Our distinguished speakers will unveil groundbreaking treatments and secrets in rejuvenation and longevity, previously unshared with the public. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage in deep, personal discussions on health and anti-aging, and interact directly with our experts. Learn more about Unlock Longevity here.

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Kion Product Of The Week: Kion Protein Bar

You know I’m a huge fan of Kion.

They combine the cleanest natural ingredients into complementing supplements (and foods!) that help you unlock your body’s natural energy.

And their new Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar is out of this world delicious.

Not only that but it is made with only real, whole-food ingredients— giving it balanced macronutrients for clean, stable energy.

The Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar’s complex flavors and texture come from real, natural, whole-food ingredients such as…

Organic almonds
Organic cocoa nibs
Organic chia seeds
Organic coconut
Organic honey

And, it contains 11 grams of satiating protein from grass-fed whey protein isolate to support your active lifestyle.

I promise you, you’re going to love this new protein bar. Click here to try it.

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