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The Surprising Truth About Coffee & Heart Attacks, How Sulfur Can Rescue Your Arteries, Better Erections Naturally & More With The Natural Heart Doctor Jack Wolfson.


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After a recent cardiovascular wake-up call, my quest for optimal heart health led me straight to Dr. Jack Wolfson.

You might recognize him as the board-certified cardiologist who’s been transforming the world of heart health with a natural approach, and whose book, The Paleo Cardiologist: The Natural Way to Heart Health, skyrocketed to an Amazon #1 best-seller.

If you’ve ever had an inkling that the route to heart health might not lie solely in pharmaceuticals, Dr. Jack’s work and message will probably resonate. Once immersed in the conventional world of cardiology, performing coronary angiograms and pacemakers, his life took a holistic turn after meeting his chiropractic wife, Heather. Together, they are not just a force in the medical world but also pillars of philanthropy. With four children, their mission extends beyond medicine; they are ardent advocates for a better world, channeling their efforts into providing for those in need, championing animal rights, and passionately promoting natural health causes. Today, Dr. Jack stands at the forefront of natural cardiology, advocating for a paradigm shift where the root causes of heart problems are addressed rather than resorting to Band-Aid fixes.

Through his websites and and his venture, Cardiology Coffee, Dr. Jack bridges the gap between heart health and a natural lifestyle. And the media can’t get enough of him. With features spanning from NBC to the Washington Post, it’s clear that the world is paying attention. And it’s not just about the media recognition; it’s about the lives changed, the individuals inspired, and the global community he’s built, all dedicated to fostering natural heart health.

During today’s show, I’ll be discussing my personal heart health journey and introducing Calroy, a pioneering heart health supplement company whose products, including Vascanox and Arterosil, are crafted with the synergy of science and nature. Dr. Wolfson and I will unpack the nuances of the endothelial glycocalyx in heart health, shed light on the importance of Salivary Nitric Oxide testing, address the concerns surrounding glyphosate, and much more. Additionally, Dr. Wolfson provides insights into sulfur deficiencies and offers his perspective on radiation and CT scans. If you’re as enthusiastic as I am about transformative solutions for foundational health, this segment promises to be enlightening and informative.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Dr. Jack Wolfson’s journey into cardiology as a natural heart doctor…8:25


Followed in his father’s footsteps to become a board-certified cardiologist
Achieved several professional milestones

Married chiropractic physician Dr. Heather Wolfson
His father becomes ill and the Mayo Clinic was unable to figure out why
Dr. Heather Wolfson was able to diagnose Jack’s father
Holistic approach to medicine
Encouraged Jack to become a “Doctor of Cause”

Determined to save others after losing his father

Understanding the Heart by Doctor Stephen Hussey
Believes that humans are created perfectly
Emphasizes the importance of addressing root causes rather than relying on pharmaceutical solutions
Humans can prevent and heal illnesses through diet, exercise, and biohacking

-Ben’s interest in learning more about the health of the endothelial glycocalyx after receiving his recent calcium score…12:20

The endothelial glycocalyx is a protective layer in blood vessels
Endothelium is a one-cell layer
Glycocalyx is a hair-like layer attached to the endothelium
Protective of the blood vessel
Creates a smooth surface in the blood vessel
Nothing will stick to it

Sulfur plays a role in maintaining the glycocalyx
Ben’s podcast interview with Dr. Gerald Pollack:

Ben’s podcast interview with Dr. Thomas Cowan on The Exclusion Zone and its relevance to heart health

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart by Dr. Thomas Cowan
The glycocalyx is inside the exclusion zone
The exclusion zone is a protective area
Prevents things from sticking to arterial walls
Ensures the proper functioning of blood flow

The shape of the heart within the chest creates a spiralizing blood flow
The heart’s contractions and electromagnetic field play a role in circulation

The importance of overall health on your heart’s health
Sleep health
Diet and exercise
Spiritual health
Purpose and passion
Sense of community

-How medical doctors are not taught natural and holistic practices in med school…24:10

Medical education primarily focuses on pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures
Neglects nutrition, lifestyle, and natural health practices
Lack of education on the impact of sunlight on the exclusion zone
Lack of education on vitamins and minerals

Dr. Wolfson was criticized and ridiculed when transitioning to a natural approach to cardiology
Profit-driven nature of the medical field

-Salivary nitric oxide testing is a good surrogate test for endothelial function…27:15

At this time, there is a test for determining the health of your endothelial glycocalyx
Podcast on nitric oxide:

Dr. Nathan Bryan
Pharmaceutical companies initially developed Viagra as a blood pressure medication
Discovered its effect on sexual performance
Constant stress has negative effects on libido

Ben’s experiences with nitric oxide supplements
Better results when dissolving them in the mouth

The importance of the oral microbiome and stomach acid for converting nitrates into nitric oxide
Pharmaceuticals and fluoride have negative impacts on stomach acid levels and microbiome health

Strategies for maintaining oral health without using mouthwash

-What is in the Calroy product Vascanox that allows it to increase blood flow?…40:25

Contains potassium nitrate and various B vitamins
Natural sources of nitrate-based precursors
Black garlic extract
Beetroot extract
Black currant extract
Bilberry extract
Raspberry extract
Blue honeysuckle berry extract
Green seaweed extract

It’s a clean product; no fillers
Shown to reduce blood pressure and plaque formation
No evidence of raised nitric oxide levels
The importance of oxidized LDL cholesterol test

-How exposure to glyphosate may play a role in sulfur deficiency and what are the best sources of sulfur…46:05

Stephanie Seneff’s and Anthony Samsel’s research into glyphosate and human health
Dr. Jack Wolfson believes more research is required to understand the impact of glyphosate on heart health and sulfur deficiency

Sulfur-rich foods support the glycocalyx

Pellegrino water is the single best water source for sulfur

-How the Calroy products Vascanox and Arterosil affect calcium scores…50:15

Personalized and Precision Integrative Cardiovascular Medicine by Dr. Mark C. Houston
Dr. Jack Wolfson is a contributing author
Blood pressure trial showed improved scores
Improved blood flow
Decreased plaque formation

Shown to reduce plaque in the coronary, carotid, and peripheral anatomy
Sees plaque reversal and stabilization in patients

Dr. Jack Wolfson’s recommends Arterosil to his patients with atrial fibrillation
Safe to take with anti-coagulants

-Why Dr. Jack is anti-CT scans and radiation, and prefers other types of testing…54:30

Believes radiation leads to coronary artery disease, cancer, and dementia
Some individuals take CT scans into their own hands, leading to unnecessary procedures and medications, even if they initially had no symptoms
Being put on statin drugs
Undergoing stress tests, angiograms, stent placements
Taking multiple pharmaceuticals

Ben’s logic around CT scans
The results would influence lifestyle decisions
How much high-intensity exercise
What supplements to take
What medications to take that may assist with plaque removal

Ben’s concern for his clients when they have had testing that shows high calcium scores
His advice:
No extreme training and racing
Be moderate with sauna use
Be mindful of mineral intake, etc.
“Baby” their heart

Dr. Jack Wolfson doesn’t believe calcium scan scores are necessary
Recommends advanced lab testing for heart health, which includes extensive lipid profiles, markers of oxidative stress, inflammation, and metabolic health
Emphasizes that any medical test should only be done if it can change a person’s treatment strategy and improve their health
Lipid profiles, markers of oxidative stress, inflammation, and metabolic health
Believes there is no need to radiate the body to assess coronary health

Statin drugs are known to increase coronary calcification
Don’t significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, or death, especially for primary prevention

Prevencio heart panel test, HART CVE™

-How exposure to mold mycotoxins impacts heart health…63:50

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds produced by molds in the environment
Exposure has been linked to cardiovascular disease and other health conditions
Plays a role in oxidative stress and inflammation
Impairs autonomic function
Coagulation disorders
Gut microbiome disruption
Intestinal permeability
Oxidative stress

Binders can help mitigate mycotoxin exposure
Activated charcoal
Bentonite clay

Glutathione assists in detoxifying mycotoxins (use code BEN to save 5%)
The health benefits of coffee consumption
Source of antioxidants
Kion Coffee

Eat organic, mold mycotoxin-free foods and beverages
Dr. Jack Wolfson’s website:
Dr. Jack Wolfson’s book: The Paleo Cardiologist: The Natural Way to Heart Health

-And much more…

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Resources from this episode:

Dr. Jack Wolfson:

– Podcasts:

– Books:

– Other Resources:

US Wellness Meats
Seafood (use code GREENFIELD20 to save $20)
Green Seaweed Extract
Oil Pulling
Biocharged Resistor Ozonated Oil
Activated Charcoal
Bentonite Clay
Glutathione (use code BEN to save 5%)
Kion Coffee
Dr. Nathan Bryan
Prevencio HART CVE
Glyphosate, Pathways to Modern Diseases III: Manganese, Neurological Diseases, and Associated Pathologies

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