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Q&A 465: How Fast Do You Lose Muscle If You Stop Lifting, Should You Take A Multivitamin, Biohacks For Jetlag & Much More!


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-Was Ben wrong about vitamin C?…05:02

The smart and talented Chris Masterjohn strikes again, proving me WRONG with what I’ve mentioned in the past about whole foods sources of vitamin C being superior to synthetic vitamin C. I stand corrected: “Vitamin C, Whole Food Vs. Synthetic: Does It Matter?”

-How fast do you lose muscle after you stop training?…11:59

“Younger adults can probably get away with about a month of training cessation before losing too much strength and muscle mass. Older adults may be able to get away with about two weeks of training cessation. After that, losses accelerate.”: A Guide to Detraining: What to Expect, How to Mitigate Losses, and How to Get Back to Full Strength”
…But if you can even train a little bit, this is good to know: “…performing a SINGLE set of 6–12 repetitions with loads ranging from approximately 70–85% 1RM 2–3 times per week with high intensity of effort (reaching volitional or momentary failure) for 8–12 weeks can be effective for strength maintenance: The Minimum Effective Training Dose Required to Increase 1RM Strength in Resistance-Trained Men: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”

-The impact of exposure to artificial light…27:25

Try to marry your hardest exercise session to LIGHT (daytime), and your circadian rhythm and cognitive health will thank you: Associations of 24-Hour Light Exposure and Activity Patterns and Risk of Cognitive Impairment and Decline in Older Men: The MrOS Sleep Study” (and for goodness sake, avoid artificial light at night because it builds up damage, especially with age: Association of exposure to artificial light at night during adolescence with blood pressure in early adulthood”

-The benefits of multivitamins…34:05

Recently, I’ve been getting into multivitamins and even been experimenting (particularly during travel, when I want fewer bottles of supplements) with Xtend-Life’s formula by Warren Matthews, which I podcasted about here: “Why Your Multivitamin Probably Has The Wrong Ingredients In It, Statin Confusion, The Best Kind Of Weight Training For Longevity & More With Warren Matthews and Ivor Cummins,” and which you can get here: Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s Formula (use code GREENFIELD to save 15%).
So why a multivitamin? Research indicates that, especially for older adults, taking a multivitamin supplementation can result in memory improvements — read up about it more here: A neuroscientist who studies the aging brain says he started taking multivitamins because of his own research”
More on memory: A multivitamin improved performance by “the equivalent of 3.1 years of age-related memory change” compared to a placebo, helping to maintain cognitive functioning and potentially enhancing it
Other research found three years of multivitamin supplementation translated to a 60% slowing of cognitive decline. Improvements in global cognition, episodic memory, and executive function were also noted

Research has also revealed multivitamins can reduce lung cancer by 38% and improve levels of several other nutritional biomarkers: “Supplement use and gastric cancer risk in the Southern Community Cohort Study”

-Airline travel…44:25

*Fantastic* tips here on how to limit the damage from airline travel: Does Traveling Age You Physically?” including:
Consume high amounts of antioxidants from food and supplements during, before, and after the flight (foods rich in color/flavonols/polyphenols and supplements like vitamin D/E/C are a few of my favorites):

älmsbio Glutathione (use code BENGREENFIELD10 to save 10%)
Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Glutathione (use code GREENFIELD15 to save 15%)
Auro Transdermal Glutathione

HVMN Ketone IQ
Hydrogen tablets

Vitamin E
Kion Immune Vitamin C

MitoZen Melatonin Sandman Suppositories
Take melatonin in high doses upon reaching your final destination (I like Mitozen suppositories)
Only consume food at the standard mealtime of your final destination

Iodine for soaking up radiation
Life Extension Iodine

Grounding and earthling
Earth Runners grounding sandals
Get outside barefoot, in grounding shoes like Earthrunners, or swim in a natural body of water after the flight to ensure you get grounded/earthed

Erthe grounding shoe straps
Podcast with Clint Ober:

Magnesium (use code BEN10 to save 10%)
Faraday cage/EMF blocking
Shielded Healing
No Choice Wearable Faraday cage (use code BENPROTECT to save 5%)
Lambs (use code BGF15 to save 15%)

Hydrate and don’t drink alcohol
Consume *small* amounts of red wine while staying physically active for at least 5–10 minutes per 2 hours of flight time (the article says wine, but I’m a bigger fan of nitric oxide precursors such as Calroy’s Vascanox).

Try these mini-workouts, which you can do in stealth mode during a flight without getting too many weird looks: 10 Exercises You Can Do On An Airplane Without Looking Weird”
Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World by Kelly Starrett
Plenty more in my book Boundless for fighting jet lag and staying Fit as a frequent flyer

Resources mentioned:

Listener Q&A:

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Q: Tom Franco asks: Would you please be able to provide some insight on what you’re eating day to day again, maybe even run through what you have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the past week? I find myself having the same stuff all the time, and it’s almost like there aren’t that many foods! Thanks, dude, absolutely love you.

The first thing is water

1.5 hours later a hot brew
KION organic coffee
Mushroom blend from Four Sigmatic
Loose-leaf tea from Kauai Pharmacy
Drinkable chocolate by Micacao

Fast 12–16 hours
Boundless Kitchen
Boundless Cookbook by Ben Greenfield
Superfood smoothie for breakfast
Raw liver 
Kion Colostrum
Kion Protein
Kion Creatine
Stevia (use code GREENFIELD to save 10%)
Bone broth

Manna Vitality (use code BEN12 for 12% off)
Organifi Shilajit Gummies (use code BEN to save 20%)

Protein-based leftovers from dinner
Sardines, mackerel, herring, anchovies, or tuna
A giant bed of some type of insoluble fiber
Primal Kitchen condiments

High-quality protein — organ meats and fish (use code BENGREENFIELD20 to save $20)
Roasted vegetables
Carbohydrates at the very end of the day because that helps with serotonin and melatonin production
Homemade sourdough bread or even a glass of organic wine

Ketone Cocktails by KetoneAid 

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