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How to Burn 1000 Calories | Our Guide to The Best Calorie Burning Moves


A workout guaranteed to make you sweat!

Do you know it takes how many bench presses vs. how many burpees to burn 1000 calories? Not all moves were created equal. Some exercises are great for building muscle, while others are better suited for burning calories or improving your flexibility. Bicep curls, bench presses, and flies are examples of moves that build muscle but don’t burn many calories. They improve your upper body strength but not necessarily your endurance. So, this week, we created a workout using some of the best moves for burning calories.

If you want moves for serious fat-torching, you need exercises that engage large muscles. The bigger the muscle, the more calories it burns. Plyometric moves (dynamic moves that require jumping) are great for burning calories because they raise your heart rate while engaging large leg muscles. Another good option is compound moves. Compound moves use more than one joint and more than one muscle group. They burn calories because they make you engage different areas of your body.

Squats are great calorie burners. You burn around 14 calories per minute doing squats. That’s 840 calories per hour! Jumping rope is another great calorie-burning exercise. It burns around 860 calories per hour. Burpees engage your legs, core, and arms and burn a whopping 570 calories per hour. 

Burpees are an excellent calorie-burner because they are plyometric moves and engage multiple muscle groups. That being said, it takes how many burpees to burn 1000 calories? In order to burn 1000 calories, you’d have to do burpees consistently for almost two hours. We like to mix it up by adding more quick, calorie-burning moves into our workout to maximize our efficiency (and keep us from getting bored!) 

If you’re ready to reach that 1,000-calorie mark, check out this fast-paced workout designed with the best moves for burning calories in record time.

What You’ll Need: a timer (Gymboss is a free to download app) and an optional jump rope.

What to Do: Perform the moves in order for 1 minute each with no break in between. For the backward lunge jump, do one minute on your right side and one minute on your left side. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat according to your fitness level. This routine can be performed three times daily for maximum calorie burn.

Beginner: 2 roundsIntermediate: 4 roundsAdvanced: 6 rounds

Below, we’ve included videos showing how to perform each move. Using proper form helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can still complete the workout by mimicking the movement with your arms.

Exercises: 1. Burpees2. Squats3. Jump Squats4. Jump Rope5. Backward Lunge Jump (on each leg)

Did you know there was such a big difference between how many bicep curls vs. how many burpees to burn 1000 calories? Incorporating fast-paced, full-body moves into your exercise routine is one of the best ways to burn a lot of calories quickly. While you can focus on just one of the moves listed above, we recommend following the workout plan and cycling through all of them to maximize your calorie burn and keep you from feeling tired or bored. Aim for consistency and focus on your form, and this fast-paced workout will have you looking and feeling great in no time! 

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