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How e-Bikes Are Making Commutes Within City Easy, Fun And Cost-Effective


The world has changed and so is the way people commute. Thanks to advanced technology, people have switched from a regular bicycle to cars. However, not everyone can ride a bicycle daily nor can everyone afford a car as it is expensive. Since e-bikes have launched in the market, people have been choosing them more than any other vehicle as it can help them arrive to the office on time, without much trouble.

If you are wondering whether getting an e-bike is a good option for you or not, then this is the perfect article for you to understand why you should opt for one. Or maybe, the traditional bicycle is good for you? Let’s find out!

What Is An e-Bike?

In simple terms, you can use an e-bike like a traditional cycle and also like a scooter that comes with a motor. This means you can simply pedal and work on the way but you can also use the installed motor speed things up or if you don’t want to struggle on a steep road.

Furthermore, an e-bike also allows you to choose the perfect road to pedal your vehicle. For instance, if you like certain areas for cycling and the rest you just want to cross quickly, then the motor comes in handy.

Best e-Bike On The Market

Considering purchasing an e-bike and not sure what features are included in the perfect e-bike? Let’s have a look:

Power and Performance of Motor – Ensuring that the motor of the e-bike is powerful and provides the best performance are two essentials for choosing a perfect e-bike. Talking about the best e-bike for city commuting, the GRUNDIG GCB-1 e-bike is a top option in the market as it comes with the 36V-250W 80Nm mid-engine, allowing you to ride easily even on bumpy and steep surfaces.

Batter Range – You wouldn’t need to worry about battery range with the perfect e-bike as you don’t want to face a breakdown in the middle of your route. The above-mentioned e-bike comes with a 540 Wh LG battery pack with up to 120 km range. Hence, you get a surety of returning home without worrying about pedaling back on your way. On top of that, the charging time of its removable battery is merely 7-8 hours. You can either charge it directly or remove the battery and charge it at home overnight.

Shifting System – It is vital to learn about the gear shifting feature before purchasing an e-bike as it can hamper your riding experience. Choose an e-bike that comes with smooth switching processes that adapt to different riding scenarios. GRUNDIG GCB-1 e-bike comes with a Shimano nine-speed system that changes smoothly and makes the ride convenient in the long run.

Sensors & Brakes – The e-bike comes with a torque sensor, which has been installed in the mid-motor to make the pedaling process easier and natural. Furthermore, there are also precise hydraulic disc brakes installed to give you a smooth and perfect timing for stopping the vehicle. Moreover, the instructions are clearly displayed on e-bikes which makes it easy to read. This ensures that there is no confusion, even if you are someone riding this e-bike for the first time in your life.

Stability and Safety – One of the things you should keep in mind is the stability an e-bike provides you as it is connected with your safety. When it comes to GRUNDIG GCB-1, it comes with a suspension fork that is lockable as well as adjustable. Moreover, the frame design is absolutely thoughtfully integrated as the focus is on stability. This allows to make the entire riding process very safe. On top of that, e-bikes also come with an LED display that has been installed on the back as well as front of your e-bike. This feature allows you to drive safely, even during the night.

Why Choose GRUNDIG?

GRUNDIG providing amazing services and products since 1945, ensures that the customer gets the best experience without any inconvenience. The German-based company offers free installation services to those who purchase their e-bikes online.

Being in the business for so long, the company does fine adjustments of the chain, rear derailleur, and flywheel before delivering to you to avoid chain drops or any trouble with gear shifting.

Furthermore, you will also get a warranty service. Please note that this service is available only in Germany at your local service point. You will also receive a guarantee certificate alongside the e-bike so that you can visit with the certificate to the local service branch and get any work done with ease.

Talking specifically about GRUNDIG GCB-1, it can easily handle 150 kg, and mainly riders between 160 cm to 198 cm are advisable to ride, which means it is made for adults to commute within the cities. Aside from commuting from one place to another, this can also be used for driving with friends for fun or just exploring the city.

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