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Do These 15 Fun Cardio Workouts at the Gym or at Home


Bored of the same old routine? Shake things up with these exciting workouts!

It happens to all of us. Whether we’re at the gym to lose weight, build muscle, or conserve our health, there comes a time in our fitness journey when we hit a rut. We get bored or stop seeing results.

It’s important to recognize that hitting a rut isn’t failing. It’s a common occurrence and an opportunity to shake things up. We naturally crave variety, and exploring new exercises can stimulate our minds and wake up our muscles—leading to greater improvements in overall fitness.

When we perform the same routine over many weeks or months, we can grow bored. Our muscles get accustomed to the exercises, and they stop being a challenge. Our results are stilted, and it becomes difficult to muster the motivation to work out. Trying new and fun cardio workouts can reinvigorate our motivation and help us break through plateaus. If you’re in a fitness rut, we challenge you to try one of these 15 Fun Cardio Workouts at the gym or in your home. They’ll restore life to your fitness routine and help you learn to enjoy working out again.

Keep yourself from getting bored and wake up your muscles by cycling through these cardio workouts. We recommend picking a few each week and trying them out. Many of them can be performed with little or no equipment, making them excellent options no matter where you choose to work out. 

1. HIIT Total Body Toning

If you’ve never tried high-intensity interval training (HIIT), this routine is an amazing way to spruce up your workouts. HIIT involves periods of high intensity, such as sprinting or performing as many pushups as possible, alternating with short recovery periods. HIIT is incredibly effective at torching fat, meaning that this workout will bring a challenge to your routine and give you great visible results.

Try it: HIIT Total Body Toning

You can perform HIIT sprints on the treadmill. Treadmill workouts are great for runners or anyone looking to get into running. They help you better your speed and endurance.

Try it: HIIT The Treadmill

This fun, empowering workout is a great way to improve conditioning. It’ll help you build lean muscle all over your arms and shoulders, while the jump rope and quick feet help you build endurance.

Try it: Boxing Your Way to Sexier Arms and Legs

This boxing-inspired workout combines boxing punches with heart-pumping Tabata moves. In less than half an hour, you’ll have a full-body workout that leaves you feeling great.

Try it: Roll with the Punches Taboxing

Take advantage of sunny days by moving your workout outdoors. Biking is one of the best outdoor activities. It requires little advance planning. Just make sure you have appropriate clothing and plenty of water. If you don’t own a bike, many big cities have bike rental companies. Cruise through the park or on a trail. It’s a fun workout anyone can enjoy.

This abs challenge gives you a different workout to follow each day of the week. The shifting routine will keep you from getting bored. At the end of the seven days, you’ll feel accomplished and successful.

Try it: 7-Day Summer Abs Challenge

A quick Google search might reveal great hiking trails near your home! Hiking is a wonderful way to get your cardio in. Being outdoors will keep you from feeling bored. The fresh air will relax you, which makes this a great activity for coping with everyday stress.

This super quick workout requires no fancy equipment. You can perform it at the gym, at home, or even outdoors.

Try it: No-Time-To-Workout Workout

This no-frills cardio workout is surprisingly fun. The moves include marching in place, punches, and jumping jacks.

Try it: Do Anywhere Cardio Workout

If you have access to water, another great way to exercise is canoeing or kayaking. Although it might not feel like cardio, the rowing action will help accelerate your heart rate and burn calories.

The spinning bike is a great alternative to the treadmill. It’s a wonderful option if you’re growing tired of running or if you’d like a form of cardio that is less stressful on the knees.

Try it: Fat Blasting Spin Workout

Feel like a warrior with this fat-torching, muscle-sculpting workout. The circuit style of this workout makes it an ideal replacement for traditional cardio. It’ll keep your heart rate elevated and challenge your lungs.

Try it: Find Your Inner Spartan Workout

Who knew this fun activity from our elementary school days could be such a great workout? Most gyms have jump ropes that patrons can use. You can also purchase your own at any fitness store.

Try it: Jump Rope Tabata Challenge

If you have access to a pool, you can perform this workout any time of year. Swimming is great because it torches calories quickly but doesn’t feel like exercise. It’s also an amazing way to build upper body muscle and shape abdominals.

Try it: Swim Challenge

Many gyms offer free Zumba classes. They’re popular and for good reason. Zumba is a fun activity that makes you forget you’re working out. Groove and dance your way to a whole new body.

Try it: Zumba

Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or looking for ways to shake things up and break through your plateaus, you can do these 15 fun cardio workouts at the gym or in your home to mix up your routine and add variety to your workouts. Introducing variety into your workouts will keep your muscles on their toes and prevent you from getting bored, so lace up your sneakers and let’s get started!

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