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Do nipples have beauty standards now, too?

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Hey guys!

Leave it to Kim K to shock and confuse the internet… and start some interesting conversations. Last week, she announced her newest SKIMS bra: The Ultimate Nipple Bra. And I was immediately like wait, what?

I seriously thought the announcement was an SNL skit or an April Fool’s joke.

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It’s a push-up bra… with faux nipples

This bra has built-in faux nipples to make it look like you’re bra-less, but also like you still have perfectly round, lifted boobs.

The ad is hilarious (the script was actually written by comedian Michelle Wolf), but it’s not a joke.

As Kim says, “Some days are hard, but these nipples are harder.”

After watching it about 3 times and realizing it was real, I had so many thoughts. First, it’s nothing new for Kim to push the shock factor for the sake of marketing. I LOVE watching it. But there’s something concerning about this that I just can’t shake.

It plays into the body positive, liberating “free the nip” movement, but are we saying that now our real, actually cold nips aren’t good enough? Or is it that our naturally-shaped boobs aren’t desirable enough when there’s no bra to support them, so this bra will make it appear as though you’re not wearing a bra but still have perky, perfectly shaped boobs?

The caption on one of the Skims promo posts literally says, “A faux nipple brings the wow factor while innovative cups fully reshape, augment, and lift your bust.”


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Kim knows how to get people talking

After reading comments and chatting with the Blogifam, feelings are pretty mixed on this. First, we had questions.

“Who’s nipples did they mold to make this happen? 🤔”

“I already have nipples, why do I need extra?”

Some are getting the ick like I did, and some are pointing out the silver linings. Like maybe this bra is helpful for those who have had a mastectomy!  I can get on board with that.

When chatting with the team, the different perspectives were so interesting! And we discovered that something as simple as adding fake nips to a bra unfolds A LOT of layers within body positivity and fashion. Here are some questions I’ve been thinking more deeply about:

Are bras in general problematic? Their original purpose was to provide support and real technical function but beauty standards have weaved their way in over time. There is an “ideal” boob shape according to beauty standards that really isn’t ideal for all boob sizes and body types. Push-up bras are meant for cleavage and some bras have no purpose other than vanity. All of that’s totally acceptable, so maybe the faux nip is acceptable too? Or is it all problematic?

What about shapewear? If we’re going to criticize one undergarment that “enhances” how our bodies appear (the bra), do we need to look at shapewear in the same light? Most of the time we wear shapewear to smooth and cinch certain body parts.

But if it makes you feel better it’s fine, right? OR do we feel better because our bodies look more like how society says they should look?

Where I stand is… wear what makes you happy and makes you feel good. I’m not the Ultimate Nipple Bra’s target audience, but I’m not about to judge anyone who buys and rocks it. BUT I think it’s important to consider WHY you want to purchase and wear it.

And I’m still kinda wondering if this is just a marketing ploy by SKIMS to get people talking. If that’s the case, SKIMS wins, again.

What do you think?!

We must discuss in the comments! What do you think about the Ultimate Nipple Bra?! Is it raising major red flags or are you into it?

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