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Best Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon From a Fitness Expert


Discover must-have best kitchen gadgets from Amazon that will elevate your cooking and help you live a healthier lifestyle!

If you’re looking to elevate your cooking and make your time in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable, the right kitchen gadgets can make all the difference. As a fitness expert who understands the importance of healthy living, I’ve curated a selection of the best kitchen gadgets available on Amazon to help you achieve your culinary goals.

I’m no chef, but I like to make home made meals and I’ve landed on a few amazing items that make cooking healthy faster and easier.

From essential kitchen tools for healthy cooking to high-quality knives for precision cutting, innovative appliances for time-saving, smart gadgets for meal planning, and eco-friendly options for sustainable cooking, these top picks have got you covered.

With the right kitchen gadgets at your fingertips, cooking nutritious meals has never been easier or more enjoyable. So, let’s dive in and discover some of the best kitchen gadgets available on Amazon.

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When it comes to healthy cooking, having the right kitchen gadgets can make all the difference. Not only do they help to simplify meal prep, but they can also provide you with the tools you need to create nutritious meals quickly and easily.

Here are some essential kitchen appliances to consider adding to your collection:

High Powered Blender

A high powered blender is an essential kitchen gadget for healthy cooking. This versatile appliance can help you make smoothies (try my tropical smoothie bowl!), soups, and sauces with ease. I recommend a blender that is powerful enough to blend tough ingredients like nuts and seeds because they are the perfect tool for creating delicious and nutritious treats.

Compelling Review From Amazon: “The best blender I’ve had. Worth every penny! When you blend anything it blends so well there is no need to strain it. It is a little noisy but [you] get used to it. The blender cup fits 64 oz of liquid which is so necessary sometimes when you are blending for a big size meal. I recommend this to anyone who uses a blender often.”

Air Fryer

An air fryer is an excellent gadget for healthy cooking as it allows you to fry food with little to no oil. This is accomplished by circulating hot air around the food, producing a crispy texture without all the added fat. Air fryers are perfect for making crispy vegetables, chicken, and seafood.

Compelling Review From Amazon: “This is my first time buying an Air Fryer. It definitely lives up to its reputation. The Ninja Air Fryer is easy to use and not only does it fry up crunchy French fries…it even reheats pizza so the crust is nice and crunchy and the cheese melted! 🙂 We love it!”

Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is a great addition to any kitchen. When you standing mixer won’t do the job, this kitchen gadget is for you! It has five speeds and can mix ingredients from a variety of recipes.

Compelling Review From Amazon: “I already had a Kitchenaid stand mixer but needed a hand mixer for the small jobs. This fits the bill perfectly. It is portable, sturdy yet lightweight with plenty of power.”

Hand Blender (or Immersion Blender)

An immersion blender is a handheld kitchen gadget that is perfect for making soups, sauces, and smoothies right in the pot or glass. It is a simple, efficient and faster alternative to a traditional blender. Some models come with attachments like whisks or choppers, making them even more versatile.

Compelling Review From Amazon: “The absolutely BEST and most Powerful blender we have ever had!! Makes Blending & Stirring a effortless!Liked everything about it. So glad a friend recommended it. Makes a creamy cusard in seconds with no effort at all. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!”

Stand Mixer

A classic stand mixer is so much more than just a pretty kitchen counter accessory! I did tons of research before choosing my KitchenAid mixer size, and this mini is the perfect one for me. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and has great suction power!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “This Kitchenaid is light weight and sized right for me and my kitchen. I like that it is strong enough to make bread and making cookies is a breeze compared to a hand mixer.”

Coffee Maker

What kitchen would be complete without a great coffee maker? There are SO many options out there, but I think the best kitchen gadget for coffee is this mini Keurig single serve machine. It fits anywhere, and it’s travel mug friendly!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “This pan is large, cleans easily, big enough for my family, heat’s evenly and perfect! Goes from cooktop to oven flawlessly. I swear my dinners taste better and is perfect for serving right from the oven to my table! Durable and will last for years!”


If you’ve read my beginner’s guide to juicing, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect high quality juicer. The best juicers are easy to use with powerful durability. And no one does it better than Breville!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “This machine is easy to use ,easy to clean and doesn’t take up much counterspace. Squeezes most of the juice out. The pulp comes out dry. Very happy with this purchase.”

Food Processor

A food processor is a great kitchen gadget to have on hand. These tools can make cooking faster, easier, and more enjoyable, allowing you to create a wide variety of dishes with ease. Whether you’re making smoothies, purees, soups, sauces, or spreads, a reliable food processor can be your new best friend in the kitchen.

Compelling Review From Amazon: “It chops within seconds and is very easy to use. Cleanup is quick by hand, no dishwasher is necessary. I bought this one because I needed something that can be used every day without the hassle of cleaning. Nice chopper, loud, cleans easily, lightweight.”

Crock Pot (or Slow Cooker)

When the weather starts to turn colder, there is nothing better than a great crock pot meal warming the kitchen. My top pick has a spacious seven quart size, is easy to clean, and has great durability.

Compelling Review From Amazon: “We have tried a few different types of slow cooker this is one of the best. We use it all the time. The size is perfect and it does a great job.”

Cooking can be time-consuming, but with the right kitchen gadgets, you can streamline your workflow and save valuable time. Innovative kitchen appliances offer convenient features that simplify cooking tasks and make meal preparation a breeze.

Here are a few examples of top-rated time-saving gadgets:

Chicken Shredder Tool

I can’t share this chicken shredder tool enough! I prefer to make my own shredded chicken because it’s healthier, and this tool makes the whole process a breeze. It’s perfect for so many great recipes like my favorite low calorie southwestern soup!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “Easy and quick. Shreds chicken completely. Also can be used for pork or beef. Great tool, non slip bottom. Works in seconds.”

Veggie Chopper Tool

Vegetables are a crucial part of your diet, but they sure can take a long time to prep. I use this veggie chopper tool to do the hard work for me and cut down on cooking time. Trust me, once you use a vegetable chopper with stainless steel blades, you’ll never go back!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “Tired of cutting the vegetables/fruit from scratch and wanted something that will save me some time. Was able to find this product and purchased to see if it will do the trick. Let me tell you it has been so far. First use and I felt like it saved me a lot of time and was very effective with cutting. It’s very easy to assemble and easy to clean as well. It comes with so many options on ways to cut your produce. Also very easy to clean and put away. Great buy and I’m glad I got something that will take away the task of chopping up vegetables at a longer time.”


I love substituting zoodles for noodles whenever I can. This spiralizer tool allows you to turn vegetables into noodles or spaghetti-like shapes, making them an excellent substitute for traditional pasta. Spiralizers are also useful for creating vegetable ribbons or slices for salads and stir-fries.

Compelling Review From Amazon: “This product is LIFE CHANGING! Blows out of the water other spiralizers I have used and the output is delicious! Have tried with carrots zucchini and cucumbers so far and it’s been a delicious meal. Highly recommend to anyone wanting spiralised spaghetti like vegetables!”

Meat Thermometer

There is nothing worse than playing the guessing game when it comes to meat temperature. I use a meat thermometer to check temps while I’m cooking, and make sure my meal is perfectly ready to serve.

Compelling Review From Amazon: “Did I balk at spending this kind of money on a meat thermometer? You bet I did. Am I sorry? Not at all! This little powerhouse took just a few minutes to set up and comes with a handy app that includes recipes. It takes all the guesswork out of cooking meat and everything I’ve used it on has come out perfect, every time. A worthy investment.”

Juice Press

This juice press makes whipping up batches of margaritas or other fun drinks a breeze. Plus, you’ll get an arm workout too! It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and has great durability.

Compelling Review From Amazon: “This juicer is good looking, easy to use, easy to clean , and it works. The yield of juice is good and it leaves a small amount of pulp waste behind. Very good value for the money.”

Garlic Press

Garlic is an essential cooking ingredient that not only tastes great, but comes with lots of health benefits. Use a simple garlic press tool to make adding fresh ingredients to your meals simple!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “I’m a beginner cook, and love to cook with garlic. However, I didn’t like the peeling and dicing. This product is sturdy, easy to use, easy to clean and a real time saver for me. I’m ordering another one for my SIL who is a good Italian cook. At first, I had my doubts about that the sleeve that peels it, but it works like a dream. If you like to cook with garlic, this an essential kitchen tool.”

Cheese Grater

If you’re still using a traditional hand cheese grater, it’s time to upgrade. My favorite rotary cheese grater is easy to use and clean, and it takes all the hard work out of enjoying fresh cheese!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “Ordered it hoping to get an awesome countertop cheese grater.. exactly what I received.. very sturdy, the lock to the counter with the suction cup is very secure and easy to use. Very easy to clean. Love how it works!”

Measuring Spoons and Cups

A great set of measuring cups and spoons is an essential kitchen gadget you can’t live without! I love the gold finish and stackable design of this set!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “The wonderful copper measuring cups and spoons arrived beautifully packaged and are a dazzling addition to my copper cooking utensils!!! Visitors constantly comment favorably on their color and shine because they’re actually displayed and used daily. The great thing is, these stainless steel beauties wash and dry like NEW!!!”

Mesh Strainer

There is nothing worse than having your strainer flip over right as you’re pouring in your ingredients. This mesh strainer is at the top of my list because of it’s size, sturdiness, and durability!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “I bought this back in 2015 and in spite of countless trips through the dishwasher, it’s still in perfect condition.”

Some of the best kitchen gadgets are actually basic essentials. From pots and pans you’ll use every day to extra large sheet pans that help you meal prep in bulk, I’m sharing all my best kitchen cookware favorites below!

Cast Iron Skillet

A simple cast iron skillet is a kitchen basic you shouldn’t live without. Cast iron skillets are affordable, easy to clean, can be used in the stovetop or oven, require less oil, and keep an even cooking temperature. It will be your new favorite cookware!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “This pan is large, cleans easily, big enough for my family, heat’s evenly and perfect! Goes from cooktop to oven flawlessly. I swear my dinners taste better and is perfect for serving right from the oven to my table! Durable and will last for years!”

Pots and Pans Set

Pots and pans are some of the kitchen cookware you will use most often. Probably every day! So make sure you have a great set you can count on. This affordable bestseller comes in a 3, 8, or 15 piece set. You’ll love the BPA free non stick coating and the soft handles that don’t overheat with use!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “I wasn’t expecting the quality I received in these pans. They are wonderful! Great quality for the price. If you’re on the fence about giving them a try, make the purchase. You won’t regret it.”

Dutch Oven

A dutch oven is an amazing cookware option when you want to build deep flavors with several cooking techniques. The cast-iron walls retain heat more efficiently than stainless steel, and this piece of cookware is truly versatile. Use it to make bread, casseroles, lasagnas, skillet cookies, chicken stock, braised meats, and many more!

PS. Don’t forget to pick a fun color that will bring a smile to your face when you’re cooking!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “I wish I would have bought this earlier. I have a 3.5L Staub Dutch oven that is too small for big batches of soups/stews – it is very expensive. Started researching on Amazon and saw this product. Thought what the heck, the red color is lovely, reviews are solid, it’s super heavy duty and WOW the price!!! I have used it now for several recipes – it works just as well as the Staub! This cleans up so easily too. I would buy all the sizes. Highly recommend.”

Extra Large Sheet Pan

A good quality baking sheet is a staple in my kitchen, and this extra large baking sheet is my all time favorite! It’s made of pure aluminum, it has great durability, and it’s size gives it tons of versatility!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “I never was a fan of cookie sheets until my sister gave me this one day! It cooks evenly and I love the size. No more using multiple sheet pans to cook dinner – this one does the trick. Add a layer of parchment paper and easy clean up! I ended up buying another one for my mother in law as every-time she was often borrowing mine. The price is right too!”

Baking Dishes

A great set of baking dishes will stand the test of time in your kitchen. I love this set because each dish comes with a tight fitting lid which makes storage a breeze. These dishes can go from the refrigerator to the microwave to the oven!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “Love these. They are so easy to put food away in so you don’t have to put in other containers later on.”

Mixing Bowl Set

I use my mixing bowl set daily! And it does so much more than a regular set of bowls. This set of stainless steel mixing bowls comes with airtight lids and grater attachments so it’s easy to store ingredients and leftovers. The nesting design makes these a great storage space saver too!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “This set is great! The bowls feel really high quality, and I love that they have a non-slip bottom to them to stop them sliding about when you are using them. All the lids fit perfectly, and no scratches on them so far. Love them.”


My favorite stainless steel colander comes with oxo good grips handles and five feet for extra stability at the sink and countertop. This kitchen gadget is also dishwasher safe and has an easy-to-store nesting design! It’s a classic cooking tool you’ll use time and time again.

Compelling Review From Amazon: “This is the perfect size. The grips on the handles are a really nice touch. The bowl is super heavy-duty and holds a lot of produce. I’ve used it daily for almost a year. No complaints. I’m very pleased.”

Whether you’re chopping vegetables, slicing meats, or filleting fish, having the right cutlery tools can make all the difference. But, you don’t need to break the bank. My trusty cutlery picks have long-lasting quality at an affordable price!

Knife Set

You might feel pressured to spend hundreds on an expensive kitchen knife set, but the truth is, you don’t need to! I love this affordable Cuisinart knife set. It’s stainless steel, lightweight, durable and dishwasher safe. Forget your expensive chef’s knife goals and grab these instead!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “I recently purchased this knife set and am thoroughly impressed with its quality. The blades are incredibly sharp, making food preparation a breeze, and they’ve remained rust-free and look as good as new even after several cycles in the dishwasher. It’s rare to find a set that delivers on both performance and ease of maintenance; this one exceeds expectations!”

Cutting Boards

I use my favorite cutting boards daily, so I’m pretty picky when it comes to quality. I look for sturdiness, ease of cleaning, and deep juice grooves. This cutting board set fits the bill, plus it has built in handles!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “I didn’t know what to expect but the price was right. The wood is nice they are solid and sharp looking. After a few months use no cracking and still look great!”

Who doesn’t want to bring more productivity to their kitchen? With the right meal prep and storage tools can help you make planning your weekly menu easier. These are some of my favorite kitchen gadgets to streamline the functionality of your meal prepping process!

Glass Airtight Storage Containers

I love having clear glass storage containers to keep my food fresh, and kitchen organization looking great. I love this particular set because it’s affordable, leak proof and dishwasher safe! If you’re looking for a great value for money and impressive durability, these are for you.

Compelling Review From Amazon: “Great quality. They’re just beautiful and practical. They don’t leak. Easy to store in kitchen drawers. Highly recommend it.”

Souper Cubes

These innovative super cubes are amazing for individual serving soup storage! I make a batch of my favorite healthy soup or chili recipe, spoon it into the individual silicone compartments, and then freeze it for another day! It’s the perfect tool for portion control, especially if you’re only preparing a meal for one. Think of them like a giant ice cube tray!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “This is great for freezing extra soup or for making homemade broth. Easy to pop out and then freeze the cubes in a freezer bag for later use. Dishwasher safe. Perfect portion.”

Fresh Guacamole Container

Guacamole is one of my favorite healthy snacks, and this is my favorite fresh guacamole container to keep it fresh! It has a four cup capacity that fits about 4-5 avocados worth of guacamole, and has an amazing air tight seal. And of course, you have to try my healthy guacamole recipe!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “This product is fantastic! It keeps quacamole so fresh and green for way longer then it probably needs to, lol! Everyone has noted that food gets stuck in the seal and is impossible to clean…this is not true!!! If you grab the seal and pull outward, it comes off!!! Simply clean out the groove and snap the seal back in! Very simple!!! I love it and would highly recommend it!!!”

Parchment Paper

I always keep parchment paper on hand. It’s truly a kitchen staple! I use it for baking, cooking, grilling, air frying, and steaming. I like to stock up on this unbleached parchment paper roll to keep from running out. It’s unbleached and free of chemicals, plus it’s sturdier, non-stick, and waterproof!

Compelling Review From Amazon: “I ran out of this product and bought one from Costco. I like the Amazon non-bleached better and the thickness is better. [I] use this product weekly to help with less clean-up. [Highly] recommend.”

Investing in the right kitchen gadgets can make all the difference in your cooking experience. As a fitness expert, I know how important it is to equip your kitchen with the essential tools that make healthy cooking easier and more enjoyable. I hope my favorite save time and elevate your meal prep and cooking skills!

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