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9 Tips For Drinking More Water From A Personal Trainer


Are you constantly wondering if you’re getting enough water? Most of us are! And that’s because we all know our body needs water that dehydration can have severe consequences.

There can even be long-term impacts of poor hydration. Chronic dehydration may expedite aging processes and increase the risk of diseases. It can also cause unclear thinking, irregular moods, elevated body temperature, kidney stones and more. 

Check out these 9 easy tips for drinking more water daily.  

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If you have trouble gulping the good stuff, here is my all-time favorite hydration hack! All you need is a water bottle and a permanent marker.

Do your best to find a 32-ounce see-through plastic water bottle or the biggest size you can find. Mine looks like a glass mason jar, but it’s plastic. Also, I’ve found that I always drink more water if it’s out of a straw.  Mark it with the marker to create a visual reminder of how much you are sipping.

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This goes along with the DIY water bottle; carry water with you during the day. I personally refuse to spend $7 on a bottle of water, and I don’t want the plastic waste. So I carry my stainless steel reusable water bottle with me in my car, to the gym and when I travel. This makes it easy for me to reach my daily water intake. 

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One of the biggest complaints about water is that it’s boring. So add some flavor to your water. There are some health benefits to fruit-infused water. By adding fresh fruit like orange, lemon and lime slices, you’ll get some of the nutritional properties plus it tastes refreshing. And veggies are also water rich foods. A glass of cucumber water is refreshing. Also, try adding herbs like mint or rosemary since herbs have health benefits too. 

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You say to yourself that coffee is just water with caffeine but not really. Coffee vs water in the morning has been talked about by many nutritionists. The health benefits of drinking water in the morning are well documented. If you can flush your system with water before coffee, you will feel more awake.

I personally add a scoop of green nutrition powder my 12 oz of water first thing in the morning and I infuse my body with nutrients.

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If you need a little pizazz in your water, try sparkling water. If you are a soda drinker, ditch the soft drinks and try a good sparkling water. It satisfies your need for something different and there are many good brands on the market.

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I’ve been trying to do this for years. I just fill up an eight to 10 oz glass of water and gulp it down before my meals. Studies show it will curb your hunger and you’ll consume fewer calories.  And, this small step will make it easier to reach your daily water goal. 

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Did you know that many fruits and vegetables are mostly water? That’s right, fruits and veggies are water-rich foods. Watermelon is 92% water. Cantaloupe is 90% water. Oranges are 88% water. And veggies like cucumbers, celery and zucchini are mostly water. Plus, when you eat real fruits and veggies, you get the benefits of vitamins, minerals and fiber while improving your daily fluid intake. It’s a win-win!

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In our digital world today, setting reminders on your phone is an easy hack to remind you to stand up and get a glass of water. Plus you’ll benefit from a few extra steps away from your computer or chair. 

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It is way easier to drink water when doing physical activity. Your heart rate is up, you are sweating and your body naturally craves water. On the days I workout, I will drink 24 ounces of water just during my workout and that is a game changer. 

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