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9 Practical Reasons Why Rowing Is A Seriously Good Workout


Rowing is one of the most diverse workouts that help build an agile physique, whether you’re doing it at the gym or on the water on a boat. Regular rowing on a boat helps you get close to nature, get fresh air in your lungs, and go through the physical and mental challenges of rowing along different water courses.

On the other hand, in the gym, you may be using a machine for rowing, but you get the most out of this exercise through a certain number of sets and reps.

In both cases, rowing proves to be an effective workout. If you’re interested in knowing why rowing is a seriously good workout, get on with the nine practical reasons below.

Rowing Helps You Get An Enhanced Cardio System 

One of the most effective ways rowing can prove to be a good workout is by its positive impact on your cardio-respiratory system.

If your respiratory system is in good shape, you can lead a healthy life with an agile physique. This is where an ergonomic foldable rowing machine can help by providing your body with the right amount of fresh oxygen that enters your blood which in turn replenishes your whole body, including your heart.

Rowing for about thirty to forty minutes every day can enhance your lung function while maintaining an optimum respiratory system for a long time.

Rowing Is A Low-Impact Workout 

Another good reason to do rowing is its low impact on your body. It doesn’t let your joints and muscles go through excessive stress while burning a significant amount of calories.

Overall, rowing is completely a balanced workout in terms of pace and timing. You can control the movements during rowing and recover fast.

If you’ve been suffering from osteoarthritis in its early stage, rowing could be a safe exercise for you to tackle the condition. By regularly rowing, you can improve the condition of your elbow, knees, lumbar, and shoulders.

So, consider rowing for a balanced and low impact on your body while gaining the desired results for your physique.

It’s Suitable For Various Fitness Levels

When it comes to unlocking fitness for people with various conditions, rowing is one step ahead of other workouts. Rowing allows people of various fitness levels to adapt to its unique movements and effects nicely.

It will be easier for you to adhere to the rowing routine if you possess an ergometer. An ergometer will give you the figures that show how much exercises you’ve done each day with the performance level attained.

Another amazing fact of rowing is that it’s also suitable for people with low vision. It’s safe for them as they don’t need to go through high-impact movements during rowing which in many cases bring unwanted physical risks.

Moreover, people who have weakness in their back can opt for rowing as it will strengthen their back muscles and increase the trunk flexion.

This is how rowing helps people with different levels of fitness and physical conditions to get to the optimum shape and get better results.

Rowing Increases Endurance 

Since rowing is a combo of cardio and power, it naturally increases your strength and endurance over a certain period.

While pulling backward and forward with your power during rowing, you’re exerting your maximum strength within a short timeframe. Here, you’re powering up your muscles and bones which will gradually push you to your limits.

Conversely, you’re slowly but surely enabling your body to sustain throughout the time that you’re using your force for rowing. This in turn, increases the endurance in your respiratory and muscular systems.

Thus if you want a great combination of endurance and strength, rowing is your go-to workout routine.

It’s A Mindful Workout  

It might sound weird but rowing renders a feeling of meditation once you’re invested into this amazing workout routine. Rowing promotes endorphins, a hormone responsible for the ‘feel good’ state of mind.

Simply, you’ll discover a connection between your mind and body while rowing.

Let’s say, you’re rowing a boat out on the water. You can naturally feel the serenity of nature around you that will calm your mind. It will create a unique combination of calmness and physical activity.

The same feeling may be simulated in the gym-rowing sessions if you’re used to creating that desired momentum. Surely, you must regularly practice the frequent movements, such as catch, drive, finish, and recovery, so your mind is aligned harmoniously with them.

Once you’re connected to your rowing session, it will give you a stress-free, meditative, and uplifting workout experience.

It’s An Effective Substitute Workout

Many gym-goers may go by this notion that rowing is a waste of time and tend to ignore the machines for this exercise. However, the rowing machine is one of the most useful workout equipment in the gym compared to ellipticals or treadmills.

An expert trainer will tell you how a rowing machine can render a full-body workout, unlike treadmills or ellipticals, which only focus on the lower or upper body.

With the help of an ergometer, you can effectively perform rowing, which will help your body gain the desired shape and conditions. A rowing machine will make you put more effort in your abs as you execute each stroke with power.

Another benefit of working out on a rowing machine is its quiet functioning. It seldom disturbs your family members in the other rooms, as well as your neighbors residing in the same complex.

Rowing Is A Time-Tested Workout 

If there’s one reason that should compel you to opt for rowing, it’s its efficiency in helping you reach your fitness goals over a certain period of time.

As we’ve related before, rowing renders a full-body workout. It makes you work on the major muscle groups while building your strength.

Besides, rowing helps you burn more calories through mindful sessions, helping you achieve the desired shape you’ve longed for. It also enhances the cardiac functions that improves your overall health.

Rowing can be included into low volume HIIT (high intensity interval training) which you may practice for ten to fifteen minutes per day. It will help you achieve an improved blood sugar level, controlled blood pressure, and enhanced respiratory function which you may not get from high volume HIIT exercises.

Rowing Machine Is Suitable For Home Workout 

Many fitness lovers prefer a rowing machine to other machines like ellipticals or treadmills due to its ergonomic making and low space accommodation.

No matter what your apartment size is, a rowing machine will snug into your room with its foldability. You can unfold it for working out and then stow it away once its use is over for the day.

It’s also safe because children, older family members, or pets can be kept at a safer distance from the rowing machine. A rowing machine not only takes up a small space in your room but also provides you with the fitness utility when needed.

Rowing May Help In Weight Loss 

A viable reason to perform rowing is to lose weight. Rowing is one of the best gym cardio workouts for beginners that can make your fitness goal fun.

Rowing helps in getting rid of excessive and stubborn fat wherever they’re lurking in your body. In the process, rowing keeps your heart health alright.

Rowing can be a great alternative for those who want to lose their excess weight but are unable to walk, run, or do cycling.

Furthermore, if you aren’t finding your regular workout routine that effective or fun, try rowing as it will give you a new but result-oriented experience altogether.

Final Words

Rowing can be your next choice of workout to reach your fitness goals. If you’ve given up on the heavy machines in the gym due to exhaustion, opt for a rowing machine in the gym or at home.

A perfect rowing machine with an ergometer can benefit your health by promoting weight loss and improved cardiac function. It’s a perfect indoor workout that you may add to your daily fitness routine.

Nonetheless, it’s imperative to consult any certified health practitioner or trainer before opting for any workout machine. It’s wise to check through the risk points to maintain a safe workout environment at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I row daily?

Answer: There are no hard and fast rules for rowing for a certain number of hours. Since you must first get used to rowing, you can start at a slow pace and maintain a short workout session. The length of your rowing session can be as low as five to ten minutes per day.

The important fact to keep in mind here is to maintain the set time every day instead of not doing it at all. However, when you’re in a position to increase your rowing time, you can do it twice per week at a timeframe of twenty to twenty-five minutes each session.

Can I lose belly fat by rowing?

Answer: Rowing can certainly help get rid of belly fat through consistency. Rowing helps burn calories as well as unnecessary fat throughout the body.

However, the result may vary from person to person depending on the individual genetics, body type, lifestyle, medical conditions, etc.

Which muscles do rowing help strengthen? 

Answer: Rowing is a full-body workout and it’s very effective in strengthening the major muscle groups. Specifically, rowing strengthens biceps, triceps, glutes, pecs, hamstrings, upper and lower back, latissimus dorsi, etc.

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