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7 Benefits of Adding a Step Platform to Your Home Gym


The step platform is a versatile exercise tool that comes with tons of benefits. With decades of experience training women, I’m breaking down the top reasons you might want to add a step platform to your home gym. Plus, I’m sharing my top picks!

If you were exercising in the 90’s then you think of a step platform as a tool for step aerobics. Remember all the repeater knees, v-steps and straddle steps?

Flash forward 30 years and the step platform is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a variety of cardio and strength workouts. Check out the benefits below to see if you’re missing on out this useful tool.

Then, get started building muscle with my guide to the best step exercises for your home workout!

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Step platforms came on the aerobics scene in the late 1980s. While they’re still used for step aerobics, they’ve evolved into a far more versatile training tool that can be used to build muscle strength and deepen stretches.

By adding risers, you can create different heights to make strength exercises easier or harder. Can’t do a full pushup yet? Elevate your hands on the step platform.

Want to intensify a plyometric exercise like the jump squat? Jump onto the exercise step!

The platform doubles as a strength training bench for upper body moves like chest presses, core exercises like bicycle twists. It also works for lower body moves like reverse lunges, and even stretches like the seated toe touch.

You can easily create total-body workouts right in your living room!

Step platforms are a great way to burn calories. Stepping up and down gets your heart pumping—think of how you feel after climbing a flight of stairs! Adding a high-intensity step aerobic workout to your schedule can help with weight loss when combined with a healthy diet.

A step platform can be used to create low-impact workouts, which is ideal for older adults. It helps build balance and coordination while strengthening your bones.

Exercise steps are a great piece of home gym equipment because they’re lightweight and easy to move. Simply set them aside to save space when you’re done using them!

Plus, it’s easy to adjust the height of the step by adding or removing risers. 

Last but not least, step platforms provide the perfect way to change up your workouts. Try a few of the best step exercises I linked below to keep things fresh. More possibilities equals more fun!

I love using step exercises in my workouts. With decades of experience training thousands of women, I can tell you – these are popular workouts for a reason. They’re fun, and they work!

Check out my 33 Favorite Step Exercises for At Home Workouts to try my top picks.

I also put together five of my full length step platform workout videos that are filled with great moves and tips for free! You can view these workout videos (between 30-45 minutes each) and follow along with me! I’ll give you form tips and keep you motivated!

I use these regularly for my online workouts — you can’t go wrong, no matter which you choose!

ZENY 43” Exercise Aerobic Step Platform With 4 Detachable Risers
The Step Original Aerobic Platform (43”) With Risers
Tone Fitness Compact Aerobic Step Platform (27”)

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