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4 Things To Accessorize Your Badminton Outfit With This Year


According to Pinterest predictions, it looks as though we’re all set to go badminton crazy in 2024. And it’s easy to understand why. Badminton is a sport that is accessible to all, the rules are simple, you can play pretty much anywhere, and it’s inexpensive. We figured that if 2024 does end up being the year you discover your hidden prowess for badminton, it’s worthwhile thinking about the sort of kit you might need and most importantly what badminton outfit you’re going to wear. After all, it’s important to not just play well, but to also look the part too.

Well, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s our rundown of the 4 things you can accessorize your badminton outfit with this year so that you’ll end up trending just as much as the sport itself!

Badminton Outfit

First off, let’s talk about the badminton outfit itself. So, what do you wear to play badminton exactly? Well, you can pretty much wear anything you like really, so long as it’s comfortable and you can move around freely in it. However, if you’re not so keen on being seen out in public in your old trackie bottoms and a dinner stained t-shirt, which might we add you can totally get away with as a badminton outfit if you’re playing a game in the privacy of your garden, here’s what you should be wearing:

Badminton T-shirts – Nylon or polyester is more lightweight than cotton and so will enable you to move around the court more easily. Also, look out for fabrics that offer moisture wicking properties to help deal with the sweat situation and to ensure you feel just as fresh after the game.  To look even smarter, you could wear a polo shirt with a collar.
Badminton Skort – Skorts are great because they look as stylish as a skirt but have the added benefit of hidden shorts underneath the skirt material to help protect your modesty. Because no one wants to risk showing off their bits and pieces when they’re lunging for that shuttlecock!
Badminton Trousers – If you’d prefer not to show off your legs, or if you’re playing when its colder, the key thing to remember is that ideally you want to wear trousers that aren’t loose and don’t flap around. Leggings or running tights are perfect, as they have a tight fit but still offer stretch and comfort to allow you to move freely during your game.

Badminton Shoes

The badminton shoes you choose to wear will depend somewhat on the type of surface you are playing on. Most importantly, like any pair of shoes, you need them to fit well so that your feet are well supported, you lower your risk of getting blisters or other foot related injuries, and that they also have enough tread on them so that you’re not sliding around everywhere.

If you’re playing on the grass in your back garden you’ll need a pair of trainers with much better grip than if you’re playing on a badminton court in a sports centre. If you are playing on a proper badminton court, check whether there are any restrictions on what shoes you can wear. Some places may stipulate that the soles should be non-marking, and if you join a club there may also be certain rules you have to adhere to.

The ideal pair of badminton shoes should be lightweight with a relatively thin sole that keeps you low to the ground but stable. They should also offer some degree of cushioning to help prevent injury and should offer you an all over grip to assist your quick moving multi-directional footwork. Ideally, you should also choose a pair that are made from breathable materials to help keep your feet cool, to decrease the chance of getting blisters, and to allow the sweat to escape so that they don’t end up absolutely reeking after just a couple of wears. Plus, it always helps if they look gorgeous too!

Badminton Racket

Until you fully get into the sport, you’re probably best off either borrowing a badminton racket from a friend or hiring one out. Most sports centres offer racket hire at a reasonable cost and it means you can have a few games before deciding whether badminton is the sport for you, at which point you may then consider buying your own.

You can spend anywhere from £20 right up to £500 plus for a badminton racket. What you decide to spend on a racket will partly depend on how seriously you’re taking your new hobby, your budget, and how frequently you intend to play. Because there are so many rackets out there to choose from, it’s a good idea to pay a trip to a specialist sports shop and ask for advice.

Things to consider when buying a new racket include:

What the racket is made from.
What the string tension is like.
How flexible the racket is.
The weight of the racket.
Grip size.

Obviously, you’ll want a racket that goes with your outfit, but that’s fine as badminton rackets come in a range of different colours, and you can also customise the handle with coloured grip tape for the ultimate matching badminton outfit accessory.

Badminton Bag

And of course you’re going to need a badminton bag to keep that new racket of yours clean and protected, plus it gives you somewhere to keep all your personal belongings safe. Most importantly make sure the bag is large enough for your racket. Most rackets come in a standard size, so that shouldn’t be a problem, but always check that it fits snugly and that the zips glide smoothly around the shape of the racket.

A badminton bag with extra padding is always a good idea, as not only will this protect your badminton racket but it will also make it more comfortable for you to carry. Look for bags that have straps so that you can easily carry the bag around with you, and padded straps are a bonus.

We’re a big fan of pockets, both in clothing and in our bags, so a badminton bag with lots of different pockets and storage compartments always scores highly with us. You may want to change into your badminton shoes when you get to the court, in which case a bag with a separate compartment to store them in is a must. Then of course you’ll have shuttlecocks, water bottle, phone, keys, purse, toiletries, maybe a small towel. Trust us when we say that pockets are a badminton bag essential.

Final Thoughts

Just like the sport itself, the rules are simple when it comes to your badminton outfit – keep it comfortable, look for breathable fabrics, invest in a good quality pair of shoes, and own it. When you’re comfortable you’re much more likely to play a better game, as you won’t be distracted by bad clothing choices that means you’re pulling at a top that’s too short or that makes you itch. There is a whole range of badminton outfits out there to choose from, so have fun and bring your own look to the courts.

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