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Picking Up The Pace: Running With Adidas Adizero


A couple of months ago it was my 8 year ‘runiversary’. I literally cannot believe that run-hating me not only started running in the first place but has also kept it up. It is nothing short of a miracle. Caught up in a moment of nostalgia, I got to thinking about when I tentatively first started and how much more I now know about running and how so much has changed for me. From the type of running I do, my mindset, and even the run gear, run kit, and running trainers I wear.

You see, back in the early days of my running journey, I wasn’t fussed about what shoes I ran in. I mean, of course I got myself a pair of proper run trainers, but I certainly didn’t spend ages researching them. My criteria was cheap and cheerful; they needed to be ideally around the fifty quid mark and I wanted them to look nice. Oh how naive I was. And it was the same for my run kit. Christ this was the girl who turned up with a handbag for her first run because she didn’t know where she’d put her stuff. Ummm yep, I really was that girl!

I didn’t know any of the main running brands, I didn’t know what Strava was, what a split or a PB was, and I certainly didn’t know that you could get road running trainers and trail running trainers. Novice, doesn’t even come close.

Fast forward to today… I go through trail trainers like my kids get through the weekly shop. I care about what I wear on my feet. I know how important it is to wear the right footwear for the terrain or distance you’re running. I know how comfortable clothing can make all the difference to how you feel when you run and to prevent the dreaded chafe. All of this matters. And honestly, whilst I don’t want to take a mortgage out for any of this stuff, I do now place so much more value in the belief that you get what you pay for.

Through my work as an adidas blogger, I have the pretty damn awesome task of testing out their kit every now and again. When this month’s campaigns were sent out to me, the Adizero range immediately caught my attention. So, let’s take a look:

What Is Adizero?

Before we take a look at the products I chose, let me first tell you a bit more about Adizero. So, Adizero is all about making products that are as lightweight as possible to minimise the mass load and therefore optimise athletic performance. I mean it makes sense right, the less weighed down you are, the faster you can run.

It all began back in 2004, when the Japanese craftsman Toshiaki Omori got on board. Omori placed great importance on foot anatomy, knowing that the ideal shoe needed to support the foot but also feel invisible to the wearer. The shoes had to take into account material, weight, cushioning, different run conditions such as distance, terrain, and speed. And not only that but they had to look good and look up to the job.

Adizero was in development for 4 years before a prototype of the Adizero Adios mens running shoes were tested out by the Ethiopian runner Haile Gebrselassie on the evening before the 2008 Berlin Marathon. He loved the feel of them so much he decided to wear them for the actual race and went on to break the world record by 29 seconds.

Now, I’m not saying you’re going to be out there setting any world record marathon times, but hey depending on the type of running you’re doing, there is an Adizero shoe for you. Whether it’s the Takumi Sen 9 for a short, speedy run, the Boston 12 for those mid to long distance runs, or the Adizero Adios 8 for a nice little all-round performance shoe, adidas Adizero have got you covered.

Adizero Adios 7 Shoes

I chose the Adizero Adios 7 shoes as I liked the fact they were touted as an ‘all-rounder’ – I feel like I’m an ‘all-rounder’ kinda gal. I went for the prettiest colour combo they had (Pulse Mint/Silver Metallic/Core Black) because umm why would you not?!, although you can also get them in 3 other colourways (Cloud White/Core Black/Grey Three, Core Black/Beam Yellow/Solar Green, and White Tint/Court Green/Blue Dawn).

These are not hardcore trail shoes, let me make that quite clear. The lightweight mesh on them would be letting all kinds of mud and other gunk inside, in fact you can see your socks through the mesh it is that open. But as you can see from my pictures, I took them out on a dry day on sandy trails and they were totally up for the job. In reality they’re more of a road or track shoe, but they’re also good for the odd off roader every now and again, hence being sold as a good all-rounder.

Aside from looking the absolute dogs, these womens running shoes have tonnes of features that will make your run seem that little bit easier, and heaven knows most of us could do with that!

Features include:

Breathable mesh – Keeps your feet feeling fresh – maximum ventilation while still giving all the support.
LIGHTSTRIKE PRO midsole – Soft foam cushioning designed for dynamic performance.
TORSIONRODS – This gives more flexibility to the shoe, allowing both support and the freedom for the foot to move more freely when running.
Adjustable lace closure – Means you can tighten your laces to suit your preferred fit
Lightweight – Each shoe weighs just 189.7g (UK size 5.5) and a lighter shoe makes for a faster run time.
Recycled materials – Like many of adidas’s products these days, the Adizero Adios 7 shoes are made in part from recycled materials which helps towards the plastic waste problems we face.

I like them because they’re one of those shoes that you get out the box, put on your feet and it feels as though they were personally made for you. They fit like a glove and are completely run ready. The jury’s out on whether they make me run faster… I’m not really a run fast girl. But they are comfortable, they are lovely and light on my feet which in turn makes me feel light and bouncy when I run, and so I think they deserve a well-earned spot on my regular running trainer shelf (yes, I’ve got that many pairs of run shoes!)

Adizero 7/8 leggings

I am fussy when it comes to running leggings. I want them to be high waisted, stretchy, comfortable (obvs), dark coloured (as much as I’d love to be all body positive about myself I still feel naturally drawn to dark colours on my lower half because I think it makes me look slimmer), and pockets, they have GOT to have pockets. The Adizero 7/8 leggings have got all these things. Hooray!

Firstly, I want to talk about the feel and fit. You see these leggings are so comfortable it literally feels like you’re wearing nothing when you’ve got them on. Like the trainers, they are made of a series of recycled materials (more so in fact, as they consist of at least 70% recycled content) and the stretchy nature of the material makes the leggings feel as though they wrap snugly around every contour of your body. I don’t know about you, but when I’m running I don’t want to be tugging at leggings that have ridden up my backside, hoiking them up because they’re falling down, or pulling down the legs because they’ve wrinkled up. There are no such problems with these leggings. Details like perforated fabric behind the knees means you put them on, you run, and they stay put.

In addition to comfort, these leggings also rate highly on the practicality and function scale too, as they have laser perforation in those major sweaty areas meaning optimum air flow, which will leave you feeling fresher for longer, help keep you cool, and allow you to concentrate on your running. A high rise waist is always a winner for me, as I want to feel held in you know, like I’m not jiggling around all over the place. And pockets, oh my god pockets, run leggings just ain’t run leggings unless they’ve got pockets. These have got zipped side and waist pockets so you can keep things like car keys and your phone safe when you run, plus any other bits you might need to stash away.

The colour is called Aurora Black and it is a lovely inky, deep, indigo with the Adizero logo emblazoned down the lower leg in a pal neon green. Totally flattering and a colour combo I haven’t seen much of in run kit. I love that it’s dark, but not bog standard black, which is all too often my go to. I ordered a size medium, I’m pretty much a large size 12, and they fit perfectly.

Adizero Running Tank Top

Feeling all matchy matchy the final item I chose from the Adizero range was the Adizero running tank top in Aurora Black to match the leggings, but you can also get it in Black and Semi Spark (a kind of custard/primrose yellow colour). Like the leggings, the fabric is off the chart with how cool and light it is. Like literally you hold it and it feels like you’re holding air. There are perforated airholes across the whole top, making it perfect for summer running, as there’s no chance of overheating if you’re wearing this.

The racer back style vest has tape over inner abrasion points to prevent chafing. If you’ve ever suffered from chafing you’ll know that this feature is an absolute must. You’re way more likely to experience chafing in the summer because of a mixture of heat and sweat. And I can say from personal experience, that chafing is not the one. It is painful and stingy and will keep you up at night. Avoid at all costs. Thankfully the Adizero run vest uses the adidas sweat-wicking AEROREADY technology to help wick away moisture from your body keeping you dry and therefore lowering your risk of chafe.

The vest has reflective details running down the sides to make you more visible and its loose fit makes it really comfortable. When I choose a running vest I always go for one that comes down quite low – it’s a bum hiding thing and it means I also don’t have to worry too much about what knickers I’m wearing. The fit is such that it sits nicely midway down the bum and is super flattering.

For me though, it’s how light and airy this vest is that makes it stand out from other run vests I own. Fortunately, this type of fabric dries amazingly quick when washed, which is a good thing because I am going to be wearing this top a lot over the summer!

Final thoughts

Listen, I’m a trail runner through and through. It’s the mud, the changing terrain, the views, the quiet, the escapism, the pure unadulterated joy, that you just don’t get with road running. However, it is not always possible to hit the trails. Sometimes I need to fit in a quick run that doesn’t involve me having to spend 20 minutes cleaning both myself and the dog because we’re caked in mud. And I don’t know whether a pair of trainers and lightweight run clothing is going to make me run faster. Perhaps a popping candy dairy milk chocolate bar dangled in front of me might (I blinkin’ love that chocolate!), or the chance I might not get home in time for my dinner might, but hey I’m willing to give it a try.

All I do know is, that girl who took her first run steps 8 years ago, well in some respects she’s still lurking. Because I definitely still care what my trainers and run kit look like. I mean don’t we all? But what has changed is that now I need them to perform well too. And I’ve got to say this Adizero kit that I’ve got my hands on, well it is making both old and new me very happy.

*products gifted by adidas

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Becky Stafferton is a full time content creator, web publisher, and blog coach. She continually strives to promote a realistic, sustainable and positive image of how to lead a healthy life. When she’s not writing or reading her teenage diary she can be found running through muddy puddles, hiking through forest, making lists of lists, having a good old moan, renovating her brand new house in the country, and squatting like her life depends on it. She is also the owner of BlogWell, her blog coaching company that teaches bloggers how to optimize and monetize their blogs.

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