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Middle-Aged Women vs. TikTok: Workout Wars


Recently, TikTok has been buzzing with videos poking fun at middle-aged women for their unconventional workout routines. These videos, often accompanied by playful comments, suggest that middle-aged women will do anything but traditional workouts or lift weights.

But is there more to these “goofy” exercises than meet the eye? I think so!

From hula hopping to rebounding and drumming, these women are finding joy in movement that goes beyond the typical gym routine.

Some might see these activities as silly. But, as a fitness expert with decades of experience training women, I see them as an effective way to get your heart pumping and have fun in the process.

Photo Credit: TikTok, @clips4each, @beastbloxtt, @uniqueharo

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As a 58-year-old personal trainer with over 35 years of experience, I can confidently say that fitness is not a one-size-fits-all journey. The beauty of working out is that it can be tailored to fit your lifestyle, preferences, and yes, even your sense of humor.

I say to the TikTokers (in jest of course), be careful who you mess with.

One thing I know is that middle aged women today are confident and know what we want. We have the wisdom and experience to choose activities that make us happy, regardless of societal expectations.

After all, exercise should be enjoyable and us middle agers are proving that you can stay fit while having a great time.  

The statement that middle-aged women are doing “everything but a workout” is simply inaccurate. A cardio workout is any activity that gets your heart rate up and makes you breathe harder.

It doesn’t matter what form it takes. If it gets your heart pumping, it’s a workout.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that American adults get at least 150 minutes of heart-pumping exercise each week. This can be achieved through various forms of physical activity, and there are no strict rules about how it should be done.

Go running or biking if you want. But many of the unconventional workouts seen on TikTok, like rebounding and bungee dancing, can achieve the same thing – a healthy heart. The added bonus is that you may laugh a little and feel more energized.

I always say it’s about your attitude and effort. How hard you work is up to you, no matter the form of exercise. 

I can attest to the value of fun in fitness myself. Traditional workouts like running no longer serve me. I started to loathe running because my hips and back didn’t love the pounding.

But, I love to hula hoop or do step aerobics or power walk and my heart rate soars while I’m enjoying myself. What some might call “tomfoolery,” I call “fun!”

In addition to cardiovascular exercise, the CDC suggests incorporating strength training sessions twice a week, targeting all major muscle groups. Contrary to what some TikTok videos might imply, many middle-aged women are actively engaged in strength training workouts.

In fact, lots of women in my age group are lifting heavier weights than some of our younger counterparts.

In my online workout streaming platform, Get Healthy U TV, we perform circuits and intervals while strength training with dumbbells, proving that middle-aged women are more than capable of building strength and muscle.

We pick up 15 and 20 pound dumbbells and curl them like it’s our job.

Engaging in fun and varied activities can reduce stress, improve mood, increase muscle mass and enhance overall fitness. Quite honestly, I try to preach that exercise should not feel like a chore every time, but rather a fun and rewarding part of your daily routine.

Often these different types of workouts are done with friends or by signing up for a class. Having a community of people to try these new adventures with you can help to motivate and encourage you to stay accountable.

A common theme among women my age is feeling less seen and heard by the younger generation. So, thank you TikTokers for making us feel relevant and influential enough to catch your attention. 

People are watching what we do and, in many cases, admiring our ability to have fun while staying fit.

One commenter on TikTok summed it up perfectly: “Bro, you can’t fault them… They’re having more fun than we are!”

Middle-aged women are redefining what it means to work out, proving that fitness can be fun, creative, and effective at any age. The TikTok trend highlighting our unconventional workouts serves as a reminder that staying active and healthy doesn’t have to follow a specific formula.

By choosing activities they enjoy, women over 50 are setting a powerful example for others to follow.

For those looking to explore more about fitness and find their unique workout style, consider joining a supportive community or seeking guidance from a fitness professional. Whether you’re a middle-aged woman, fitness enthusiast, or social media user, remember that the best workout is one that you love and look forward to.

Stay active, stay happy, and most importantly, have fun with your fitness journey!

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